Tesla Model S driver survives deadly crash in Germany


Tesla Model S and Model X are some of the safest vehicles that you can find, but nevertheless, you need to be careful when you drive them. The US NHTSA tested the Model S back in 2013, and it gave it a 5-star safety rating because it was outstanding in every single test. Yes, the Tesla Model S is safer than most of the other cars, and it is designed in a way to protect the passenger’s lives in case of a crash.

The Model S is a 4,800-pound heavy vehicle, and it should absorb crushing collisions, but none of the safety technologies or body design could save you from what happened. The passengers of the Model S were involved in an accident in which the car flew 82 feet in the air and landed dangerously to the ground. There were five people in the vehicle, and they all survived, but what is also impressive is the fact that they had suffered non-life threatening injuries only.

Another recorded accident was in Germany when the driver of the Model S crashed on Autobahn at high speed. Fortunately enough, he managed to get out of the car and walk away to safety, but he did suffer some serious injuries. If you look at the pictures of the totaled vehicles, you will ask yourself how the passengers managed to survive. Well, they are fine, and that is the most important thing now.

We don’t know why these people crashed, but it doesn’t even matter. They all survived these life-threatening accidents and who knows what would have happened if they hadn’t been in one of Tesla vehicles that have received highest safety ratings.