Tesla Model Y SUV – Falcon Wing Doors, Release Date and Starting Price


When Tesla vehicles appeared on the market for the first time, they were too expensive, and only those with deep pockets could afford one. Now a new Model Y SUV will hit the market, and everyone will be able to buy it. The new vehicle will be positioned below the full-size Model X, and it is going to have a similar size as the Model 3.

The Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased their new electric vehicle on Twitter. Unfortunately, we don’t know all that much about the Model Y, but this rendering can give us a glimpse of what the new car could look like.

Tesla Model Y – Exterior Design


It is clear that it will closely resemble the larger Model X, something we could see with Models S and Model 3. On the front end, you can see the distinctive slim grille in the middle of which the Tesla logo is located. In addition to that, this car will feature sleek headlights and very sharp lines, which will give it more aggressive look. We have already stated that the new Model Y will be smaller than the Model X, but it will also be intended for the on-road driving. Although it is an SUV, don’t think that it can tackle serious off-road obstacles.

But what is the deal about the falcon wing doors? There has been a lot of controversy about whether the Model Y should come out with these doors or not. It seems that Tesla opted for a more traditional variant and that regular units will be a part of the new car.

Falcon Wing Doors – Advantages and Disadvantages

It was October 2015 when Tesla CEO Elon Musk officially announced that the new Model Y would hit the market with falcon wing doors just like the Model X. Some fans loved this feature on the big SUV whereas some found it unnecessary and one of the reasons for the price increase.

Many people want regular doors, which offer many advantages, on the new Model Y. First of all, they are easier to maintain, and they are not as complex to manufacture as the falcon wing doors. The second reason is that the regular doors are much cheaper, so the owners wouldn’t have to worry too much if they got damaged somehow. The additional problem that can occur is that you may not be able to open them fully if you are in a garage with the low ceiling.

The falcon wing doors might be perfect for the Model X because it is a larger car than the Model Y. These allow easier access to the third-row seats in the Model X, and they are also great because seniors can enter the car without any trouble. However, the Model Y will not come out with the third row, and we are not sure whether inserting the falcon wing doors is the cleverest idea in this case. The advantage of those is that they would look absolutely stunning and the Model Y would be more attractive to most buyers.

The Cabin

There is no surprise when it comes to the interior of the new Model Y because it will be elegant and with a lot of cutting-edge technologies. The enormous touchscreen infotainment system will be attached to the center console, and it will be the very first thing you are going to notice when you step inside the new EV. The material quality will not be on the highest level because, as we have said, the Tesla Motors will try to keep Model Y affordable.


Unlike the Model X, the Tesla Model Y will not offer massive legroom and headroom. It will not be a large SUV, so we expect a smaller trunk too, but it will be big enough for you to put your luggage in.

Engine Options

Nothing about the Model Y powertrain has been confirmed yet, but there is no doubt that the Model Y will be equipped with the same electric drivetrain that can be found in other Tesla vehicles. The 60 and 75 kWh lithium-ion batteries should come, but the 100 kWh one is also an option. Because of the new technologies the overall range of the Model Y could reach 250 miles per one charge even with smaller packs. The autopilot will be the part of this car as well, whereas the both FWD and AWD might be offered.

Tesla Model Y – Pricing Details and Release Date

The Model Y is based on the Model 3, and it will be introduced sometime next year meaning that it can go on sale during 2018. The new model will be affordable, and we expect that its starting price will be approximately £40,000 before various incentives and tax reductions.