Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Occupies The Top Slot In Forbes’ List of ‘Most Innovative Companies’

tesla factory

Tesla Motors tops Forbes’s current list of the world’s ‘most innovative companies’. It led a bunch of some prominent tech and pharmaceutical companies such as chip-maker ARM Holdings plc (ADR) (NASDAQ:ARMH) which comes at number five. We look at reasons that differentiate Tesla from the traditional automakers.

Small teams

Only three designers were dedicated to the Model S. Usually at major car companies 10 to 12 designers are assigned to a new model. One good reason that Tesla teams are so small is that it has a lean, specialized lineup. As it deals with electric automobiles, it doesn’t require the number of people that major players do.

Quick vehicle updates

Customers are connected to Tesla throughout by their automobile’s 17-inch touch screen control panel as well as 4G wireless connection that dispatches usage information in real time to the manufacturers. Tesla will give out fixes through the overnight download of software or implement physical changes at short notice.

In 2013 when folks complained about the uncomfortable back seats of the Tesla S, it took Tesla service workers to change each owner’s seats. However to be fair to other automobile companies, swift measures are no longer rare to them especially when it comes to the main companies.

Results oriented approach

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s style of management is hardly unusual in the light of disclosures regarding the work culture at Amazon. Musk frowns on taking vacations as he almost succumbed to malaria subsequent to a trip to South Africa and Brazil more than a decade ago. This is not a philosophy followed by American or German carmakers who take regular vacations during the summer each year.

It regularly overhauls the assembly line
Generally, automakers layout the shop floor just one time to reduce expenses. Secondly, they have model lines constant for many years. On the other hand, Tesla’s engineers experiment with the factory layout to maximize learning. Tesla focuses on being agile and nimble when it comes to car manufacturing.

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