Tesla moves forward with self-driving technology, sets all new cars on autopilot


The world-renowned carmaker, Tesla, has declared that all their cars will be electrically equipped with self – driving technology from now on and moving forward. But the fulfillment of the ultimate goal is still to be expected in a few more years.

This autopilot operation for Tesla cars began only last year. The automatic brake system is one of its notable functions.

This time, however, Tesla has momentarily disable this feature to give way for some extensive tests for a newer system. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, explains that their electric cars will have a supercomputer in its hardware. But he also gives the fate of self – driving vehicles into the hands of the consuming public. How long will these automatic vehicles start coming out into the streets? The remains a question yet to be answered.

Musk dreams that Tesla would be able to provide sufficient evidence that self – driving cars are safer than having human drivers maneuver the wheel. However, the dream remains just simple declaration of intent. No further actions have been taken to accomplish this goal just yet.

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Sensor technology is the primary method needed for this automobile development and many technology firms like Google are equipped with these skills. The weight of the burden goes significantly to research and development. They still need to discover how these machines intelligent enough to analyze to circumstances and respond accordingly. This is what’s keeping the autopilot technique from moving forward.

What is Tesla doing now? They currently working on developing cars that could collect information about the situation of all the roads worldwide. This step is helpful to quicken the release of the self – driving car.

Here is a proclamation aimed at investors. The purpose of these statements from Tesla is to keep their confidence in the company is quality carmaker. Tesla wants to let these investors to know that they are still trustworthy enough even though they had already loss sales and missed their targets in revenue in the past year.


If we can remember, Tesla had the autopilot mechanism with Model S and X. These cars have the capability to switch lanes avoiding traffic jams. However, it faced a major setback when the NTSB had reported an incident where a man had died while driving the Tesla car. This had obviously contributed to the company’s drop in sales.

This year, in April, Tesla was able to bounce back with its new Model 3 vehicle. It’s probably their cheapest innovation so far and it is set to be made available next year. Reports show that about four hundred thousand units have been pre – ordered for this vehicle. This news indeed gives Tesla high hopes for its self – driving automobile.