Tesla’s Model S is hacked by Chinese Keen Security Lab


Car security has become an issue lately. Because of the enhancements in the car industry, modern vehicles have a lot of wireless technology which makes a job easier for drivers and passengers. However, it also makes it easier for hackers who can attack the car over the internet.

Chinese Keen Security Lab, a branch of the internet company Tencent holding, recently hacked a Tesla’s Model S in the various occasion and they posted a video on YouTube. As a result of the attack, the researchers managed to gain control over some functions of the car, no matter whether the vehicle was parked or in motion.

They picked the Model S to demonstrate the possibilities of using internet technologies against you. They could have used any other car, but their goal was to prove that security needs to be improved. They opened a sunroof, moved seats and switched on the turn signals.

This was the first time they have conducted this experiment. In addition, they managed to change the display settings and unlock the doors with the laptop. All of these hacks happened when the car was standing in one spot, but what happens when the car is moving?

When the driver was inside with the researchers, without pressing anything on the display, they managed to switch on the windscreen wipers and fold side mirrors. Furthermore, they opened a trunk while the car was moving, but the most admiring hack was when they stopped the Model S, although they were 12 miles away from the site.

It is great that these scientists are willing to show us that new cars do lack security. However, this is not the first video showing us what can be done. WIRED also posted a video where a Jeep Grand Cherokee was hacked by two men.

Of course, not all people are capable of hacking cars but the automakers will have to guarantee more security to the buyers.