Tesla Model S P100D Outranges Toyota Mirai


Since the latest fashion is all about zero emission cars you certainly could hear about the most recent feats from Tesla and Toyota companies.

If you recall not so long ago, Toyota unveiled its hydrogen-powered model named Mirai, and it was the first to offer the most from the zero emission cars that were on the market at that point. Mirai praised with its 312 miles which was the best result from any zero emission car has traveled, so far. Now Tesla company managed to dethrone Toyota Mirai, by a small margin and put its Tesla Model S P100D on the pedestal once again and in one more category.


According to the EPA estimates and Electrek reports Tesla Model S P100D will travel 315 miles on a single charge, which is 3 miles more than Toyota Mirai. That is exactly the small margin we were talking about, but a win is a win no matter if it’s by an inch or a mile (or three in this case).


P100D’s consumption is estimated at 98 MPGe which is also better than the companies P90D’s 95 MPGe. Looking at this Tesla is breaking records inside the house as well as outside, nice job for them. That has to be one of the reasons for their success, that and the fact that they don’t take anything as good enough, they make everything even better.

Right about now we have info that Tesla will introduce a battery pack for a non-performance vehicle which is supposed to additionally boost the range by probably dozen or so miles. Since P100D is a performance oriented car and advertised as the quickest production one in the world, makes sense that it would be beaten by a non-performance car at least in the range department.

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