The 5 Best Gadgets for Providing an Extra Layer of Security to your Home

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A home comprising digitally protected, vigilantly monitored and remotely controllable features is widely considered a viable investment. Quote fortunately, having these top-notch measures looking after your premises now comes without an ordeal of extended arrangements and a hefty installation expense. Since the security gadgets introduced in 2019 are wireless, very smart, and handy, you can take them along to your new address. 

In most parts of the globe, these modern, smart home security gadgets are slowly making their way in. The fact, however, remains that people who aren’t aware of such devices have their own idea of a secure home such as buying property in areas featuring their own security and surveillance arrangements. In fact, people who use the services provided by online portals, such as, for buying property also prefer to invest in housing societies that provide safety and security to its residents.

However, if you don’t wish to rely on your society’s surveillance system and wish to keep a close eye on what’s going on in and outside your house, you can get the most out of these gadgets:

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Wireless, smart door cameras: the future is now

In this domain, you have many options available. In fact, many known and reliable brands offer you the complete security solutions where you can remotely watch the door activity, control the camera lens as well as its movement, and conduct a two-way communication with the person in close proximity to the camera.

Furthermore, these cameras come fitted with motion detectors, infrared light, face and voice recognition features to take commands and set of the security alarm. With a simple alert on your app, you can check who is at your door at any time of the day and night and command your camera to take the needed actions such as open the door, switch on an alarm bell or set the internal home security on a high-alert mode.

The best feature about these cameras is their wireless connectivity. You can install them anywhere you like and carry them along when you decide to move out. Not to mention, these devices can record videos, and can store up to 7 days of recorded footages in their memory chips.

In the market, many brands offer smart, wire-free door cams (including DoorCam, LightCam, and Ring Spotlight Cam).

Some brands also manufacture undetectable cameras. These mostly come in shape of lights and lamps. With all the above-mentioned features available, you can decide whether or not you want a camera that doesn’t give itself away.

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Smart locks – all the rage in today’s smart homes industry

When it comes to such locks, the best are those easier to install, have a whole range of features and are compatible with various voice assistance. Not to mention that their outlook also matters, where the compact and more subtle looks are much preferred. 

People prefer smart locks because it not just help people avoid attending to the doors needlessly, it can also control access to your house’s main entrance remotely. This allows you to keep an eye out on who comes and leaves and what time. 

Not to mention that these locks provide than other features as well. These include touch sensors, voice recognition features, alarm alerts and connectivity with other home devices to provide an extra layer of home security features to put your mind at ease. Most of these deadbolts operate on rechargeable batteries and have Bluetooth features.

Some of these devices also help you set specific codes to specific people. Based on your specific requirements, you can choose between Schlage Sense, Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt, or August Smart Lock Pro.

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Internal security is a must

There are abundant gadgets available in the market for a house’s internal security concerns. From smart devices that monitor carbon monoxide in the air to gadgets that keep an eye out for the leakage in different parts of the house and to the robot cameras that, help you watch the activity in the entire house. 

Like rest of the gadgets discussed above, the devices that provide internal security to your house are also controllable via a mobile phone app, voice assistance and Bluetooth. 

For such gadgets, the outlook is as important as its features. This is why the indoor security cameras, smoke detectors, robot cameras and related home security equipment come in various shapes and colors. You may find SimpliSafe Protect Home Security System efficient.

Since we all know that technology is one such thing that won’t stop itself from evolution, we should consider the pros and cons of these gadgets before going for the purchase. If you don’t prefer constant replacements, then you should go for products with an (operational) expiration time frame of up to 10 years or more. You can also sift through this list of smart home security gadgets compiled by Forbes.