Tips for Selling iPhone

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Before you decide to sell your old iPhone, here are some things you should know first. This information will help you sell your phone safely and for the most cash.

Back Up

First of all, you should take care of your private details. You need to delete everything from your phone, including pictures stored in iCloud to personal info stored in your apps. Don’t forget to make a backup so you don’t have to re-download everything on your new phone. Install the latest version of iTunes on your PC and connect it with your phone. When it becomes available on iTunes, go to File > Devices > Back Up. When you get a new phone you will be able to back up from iTunes or iCloud. Deactivate the Find My iPhone app if you have it, by going to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Find My iPhone and turn it off.

Sign Out of iMessage and iCloud

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Some old users were not able to receive their messages from other iOS users because they had not logged out of iMessage. That problem can be fixed now, but you should do it anyways. Go to Settings > Messages > and turn iMessage off. Apple always recommends that users who have iOS 10 or above sign out of iCloud,  iTunes and the App Store, before selling their phone to someone else.

Unpair Apple Watch and AirPods

Put your AirPods and iPhone close to each other and choose Settings > Bluetooth, then select info next to the AirPods and click on Forget this Device. That way you will have less chance of losing them. Unpair your Apple Watch the same way. You may need to enter your Apple ID password.

Delete All Settings and remove your SIM Card

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Delete settings by selecting Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings. To remove your SIM card, just place the SIM ejector on your device as well as a paperclip and the tray should pop out. SIM card holds your phone number, security data, and all the information needed for billing.

If you did not follow some of these steps before giving your phone away, change your Apple ID password. This way you won’t delete personal info that’s stored on the old iPhone but it enables the new owner to remove the info from iCloud. Deregister your iMessage if you are planning to switch to a non-Apple device.

You’ll get the most cash for your iPhone if it’s in good shape, which means having no cracks in the screen, no big dents or scratches, no water damage. If it is damaged, you can still get some money from it, even if it doesn’t work. Selling your device by yourself should get you a bigger profit, but it is very risky. Maybe it’s better to sell it on a certain website and make sure you document all the information to avoid scammers.

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