The Benefits of a 24-Hour Medical Answering Service


For your doctor’s office, the benefits of a 24-hour medical answering service outweigh any of the “cons” (the only main con is that you have to pay the price to have the service, but usually even this is nothing but pocket change for your medical practice office). It is now the year 2019, and despite many businesses having fully automated systems, people don’t want to deal with these, they’d rather talk to a live person. This alone is just one benefit of having an answering service like Answering365. But what are a few others? We’ll get into those in this article.

How HIPAA Compliance Works


By being HIPAA compliant, you never have to worry about the security of privacy that your customers, patients, and even your office have when it comes to being a doctor’s office. The goal is to be available for your patience all hours of the day and be able to listen to their concerns. With Answering365 and some other services, your patients won’t even know that they’re calling an out of office call center, and they’ll swear they’re talking to your actual support team so they’ll feel comfortable to share information which could be vital to their health if they neglect to tell it. In these extreme cases, you can be notified so you can be on-call. Not only this but by being HIPAA compliant, on-call technicians can find doctors in your practice who are on call that day and send the patient to the right place for you.

Are they an Answering Service too?


Yes. And for a good reason. You need to be able to be notified in case you don’t always have the time to look through your client portal. Therefore, it’s important that you can get notified via mobile and wireless devices (pagers, etc.), voice mail servers, and more to get the right calls filtered to you. When it comes to solicitors, those calls can be filtered out of your “call notifications,” and you can choose to call them later when you have the time. You’re a doctor, so you need to keep your head in the game and focus on your practice and do the job you were born to do.

They Sound Like You

Most answering services like Answering365 have been known to represent their client medical practices of course, but very few actually have been told by patients that they thought they were calling your office. This is very important because it can have positive impacts on your business and credibility, as well as help you in avoiding malpractice cases, which occur all too commonly at this day and age.



With Answering365, you can get all of these services and much more for your medical practice. You can even get a free trial of their service, and if you don’t like it, then you can always cancel your service and avoid having to pay for it. They offer utmost professionality with the best quality care for your practice and for your patients’ needs and fully document every call as verbatim as possible to get your message to you properly.

For the full details, please visit Answering365.