Why You Need to Visit Hoi An

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One of the hidden pearls of Asia in Vietnam, Hoi An represents a place where experience and memories speak for themselves. Located 100km south from the famous previous imperial city Huế, Hoi An is an ancient town untouched by the American war (1955-1975). It had kept its rustic looks for the centuries and today it is a popular tourist hubbub. Such an offer of the secret beauty of Vietnam is unique for this part of the world. We have made a list of six suggestions to explore when you visit Hoi An.

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The first thing you need to see is The Ancient Temples Of My Son, just one hour away from the place you will be staying. Enriched with the touch of nature and staggering presence of the jungle, the Temples of My Son is one of the touristic and historical symbols of the country. The bombing of the Viet Cong has brought the old Temples to be partly recognizable but still a moment of history standing with pride and beauty to show.

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Relax on the beach nearby, only a few kilometers from Hoi An. Long white sand beaches are famous in this part of Vietnam, with the Cua Dai Beach being the nearest one. Due to the problem of severe erosion, Cua Dai Beach is in the recovery process from 2014 been water-blown to the bank. It possesses clear sea water, white sand with coconut trees but we suggest trying the An Bang beach as well. Not many people know that An Bang beach is among the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world.

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Hoai River is the next on the list of things to do in Hoi An. Perfect for a boat trip to experience boats rowed by hand, without mechanic engines enhancing the spirit of the river by the old part of the town. The area is 100% preserved. With local people providing quality service for more than affordable prices makes it a must when you go to this corner of the world.

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Trying the local specialties is number four. There are plenty of places where you can try local cuisine but one of the suggestions is the barbecue on the streets which shows the real flavor of the domestic kitchen. Even the well-known chef Anthony Bourdain, when he visited Hoi An spoke and recommended the best local Banh Mi sandwich in the Banh Mi Phuong shop.

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Go to the Japanese Covered Bridge, the world-wide know place and a touristic attraction number one in Hoi An. Filled with symbols on the bridge and specific roof design, the bridge crosses a small stream of water is probably only one of a kind on the planet. Japanese Covered Bridge was built in the 1600s, representing a monument of architecture and history simultaneously.

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The last but not the least important is the old part of the town. Experiencing this side of the Hoi An, local cafes offer exacly what you need. Take a break from sight-seeing and refresh with a tasty cup of coffee. You can opt to use a bicycle to see more of the old town faster or take a walk in the evening to experience the real atmosphere of Hoi An.