The Conjuring 3 Release Date, News & Updates


The Conjuring 3 is probably one the most anticipated titles whose release should be in the following 2 years. Although the producers are yet to approve the release date, the critics and fans have already made some theories about what the third part of the famous horror movie franchise will feature.

In spite of lacking some solid information from the crew, The Conjuring 3 has become a subject of a lot of speculations and theories on the entire Internet. Some prior reports claimed that the new film might present a storyline about the protagonists Ed and Lorraine Warren and their encounter with werewolves. Nonetheless, the production team still hasn’t confirmed that.

If we can trust the grapevine, this part of The Conjuring could be completely different when compared to the first two films. We expect Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga to come back as Ed and Lorraine Warren, a couple of paranormal investigators who have no fear when encountering a ghost.


The first two parts of this horror movie franchise were international hits, and both earned more than 200 million dollars combined. Experts in this industry think that The Conjuring 3 will be just the same since it is expected that fans will still fill the theaters for this third sequel.

As Game N Guide tells, the setting of The Conjuring 3 might be in the 80s. Rumor has it that the producers are already thinking about several angles they would feature in the movie. The report claims that they can pick between more than 30 stories based on Ed and Lorrain’s real-life horror experience.

There are no confirmed solid details about the release date and the development of The Conjuring 3. If some reports are to be trusted, the third part is expected to arrive in 2018. However, until we receive an official announcement from the production team, we must not take the speculations too seriously. We’ll keep you updated about the sequel.