The Curse Of Oak Island Season 5 First Pictures Delivered

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 5

Knowing how popular The Curse Of Oak Island is, we aren’t surprised to see that the next season has been prepared and is starting to air. Similar to the previous season we could see teasers that show some significant findings, but also included details about an accident that happened during excavation in which high-pressure hose injured someone and the crew had to call the ambulance. Among the most important info that has been shown is that the Lagina’s were able to find the original Money Pit, but it is not clear if there was anything interesting in it. Also, it hasn’t been explained if the Money Pit is located in the same area or they have started excavation on other location. Most of this will be revealed in The Curse Of Oak Island Season 5. At least we hope so.

We know that there is a huge number of fans out there, and for them, show creators have prepared series of photos that will even further increase the suspense. This will also bring a new glance on the situation in which the crew is and give us promising clues on what to expect in the future episodes.


Most of these images that we have here don’t show all that much which is a shame as the ones offered here are used for promotion of the series. We can see the team working, but not much concrete evidence has been presented that they have found something of value.

On one photo Lagina brothers are standing on a dig site with wooden planks around them. Furthermore, we can see Marty giving something to Rick and so on. That is not all as another image that has been delivered shows Rick in deep mud which is a significantly different setting than what we could see in previous photos. This could potentially mean that they will continue exploration on multiple locations all over the island.


When we get all the info on a pile, it is clear that they don’t show much in regards to the mystery and if they found what they were looking for all these years. Those that want to see more details will have to wait for The Curse Of Oak Island Season 5 to begin.

What to expect from The Curse Of Oak Island Season 5

Teaser images are promising a lot of action and findings in the new season, and hopefully, they will deliver. The new episodes will be aired on History Channel, and you should check the schedule to be sure not to miss any.