The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 hints us that the Lagina’s are upto something big!


We are all aware that for some time, mainly during the Season 4, the ground that held The Curse of Oak Island was very shaky and almost crumbled beneath it. But, since this was, and still is, one of the most popular TV shows on History it held its course and managed to pull ahead. No one can dispute that the series has huge profit-making opportunities, which is probably the reason that History grabbed onto it and didn’t let it go down the drain. The Season 5 is thankfully going to bring a lot of joy to the show’s viewers, and History channel is already exploiting that fact by hinting all kinds of remarkable finds that awaits everyone.

Since this is after all a History channel show, a huge chunk of the marketing is coming from them directly, and it could be seen in the trailer for the Season 5. In the video, we could see only breadcrumbs when it comes to findings, but there were some scenes that are supposed to create interest in its viewers, especially those that showed that chest being opened, and when that mystery key was examined. We must remind you that something similar was revealed when the Season 4 released its trailer and if you recall, that season led to a huge disappointment. Yes, the trailer is supposed to make you believe that they are up to something special and that the chest is something extraordinary, but we must be skeptical. The reason for that is the fact that the dug up chest is in a very good condition after considering that it has been underground for God knows how long.

There is also something else that is sparking people’s interest in Season 5 of the show, and it is the fact that a resident of the region has been reporting extensive digging on Oak Island. That was covered in our post from a couple of days ago, and in it, you could read that according to the source digging on the Oak Island has been going on from bright and early until late hours in the night. To make things spicier, the same report states that a lot of new and heavy equipment has been spotted on the Island as well. Thanks to those “observations” it has been drawn a conclusion that the crew might have finally found the Money Pit and that they have actually “struck gold.”

When all of this is taken into consideration, it is very hard to make a conclusion this early. Whether the Lagina’s have found what they are looking for on the island is still far away to speculate, and we believe that the actual revelation will not come until Season 5 comes out, mainly because History is trying to maintain a huge suspense and tension. This post isn’t made with the intention to take you away from the show, no! It is been written to prepare you for anything that The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 might throw at you. Take all from the trailer with a grain of salt and keep your mind open, because disappointment may come once again. We would all of course want, and we all hope, that this is the season they finally find something of great importance historically and for themselves as well.

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