The Curse Of Oak Island Season 5 Is Coming

According to Jack Begley, one of the producers of The Curse Of Oak Island Season 5 will be filmed. Begley brought this announcement after Season 4 ended and we think that we can trust this guy as he is one of the regulars in the series.

This info has already been delivered on the History website before everything was even confirmed officially. In one interview he said: “Yeah, we are going to have a Season 5.” These latest details emerged after few social media posts that clearly indicated that we will be getting a continuation of the story and a new batch of episodes.

Few of those clues that the Season 5 is happening include the post of Shane Ross, freelance film editor that also worked on the series. In that post, he stated that he is working on scenes of the new episodes. That is not all as there were several photos of Rick Lagina from Oak Island and it was told that these were taken during the summer while the new batch of episodes was prepared.


Previous two seasons were announced in early October and late September so we do expect similar to happen with the final season of the show. We need to be slightly bit more patient and wait for the network or one of the stars to officially confirm additional episodes.

All efforts to get more details from History Channel were unsuccessful as they remain silent on this matter. According to the network, this hasn’t yet been confirmed, and if that happened, they would announce it.

Even the series was criticized many times for its slow pace and the fact that they did not find any real clues that there is a treasure on the island, they did manage to get high ratings, especially with the Season 4 finale. This is more than enough for the network and crew to continue making the show, but, on the other hand, we could hear reports that Rick and Marty are not interested in proceeding. Again, we need to stress out that there was no official information about this, so be patient.