The Curse Of Oak Island Treasure Hidden In Swamp Nolan’s Cross Indicates This?


During the last few seasons of The Curse Of Oak Island, we easily concluded how much Marty Lagina doesn’t like the swamp part of the island. Does the Nolan’s Cross indicate that the treasure is hidden somewhere in the swamp and that the crew, including Marty, will be going back to searching it more thoroughly?

In one of the last episodes of the recently finished Season 4 we could hear the whole team debating about a return to that location. As soon as it was mentioned Marty protested against it and that was kinda funny for the rest of the guys onboard as they do know how much he “loves” working there.

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One of the theories connects swamp that has been man-made with Nolan’s Cross, and according to that story, it is supposedly hiding the treasure. To be honest, this is quite far-fetched, but still, there is a possibility that something is buried there, so every possibility needs to be examined.

The previous attempt to search swamp wasn’t as fruitful as the Lagina brother‘s hoped to be as they didn’t find the treasure. The complicated process of draining the swamp will be done again, and hopefully this time they will be successful. This should be one of the most important tasks during the Season 5 that hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

What do you think, is there a connection between Nolan’s Cross, Swamp and treasure or the team will fail again? Should they concentrate only on the Money Pit? Could the swamp be hiding a galleon or some other ship that was transporting valuable items?