The Curse Of Oak Island – Who Is Rick Lagina?


Rick is one of Lagina brothers known for their reality TV Show The Curse of Oak Island that is aired on History Channel.

These two are no ordinary men. They are interested in supernatural, and therefore they took upon themselves to investigate the island’s many mysteries and myths. When it comes to Oak Island, they were especially interested in tales of the ominous and intriguing Money Pit.

Rick was born in Kingsford, Michigan which is located far away from a place that heavily occupies his imagination. Who would have thought that this would be one of his life works?

He came across the story about the island when he was a little boy. When he was only 11 years old, he read an article in Reader’s Digest about the famous treasure of Oak Island. There is no doubt that he was amazed by it.


Lagina brothers loved stories about this place, and soon they started daydreaming about themselves hunting for treasures. Many years later Marty and Rick turned their dreams to life.

As we mentioned, they loved reading about adventures, mysteries and unknown, they loved Hardy Boys when they were kids, and this comes as no surprise. Protagonists, Rick and Marty’s role models, Frank and Joe were wreaking havoc in the world of fiction many years before Lagina brothers. The only thing is that these two are real and Frank and Joe aren’t.

The story of Oak Island started in late twentieth century, to be more precise, in 1990. Lagina brothers traveled to Nova Scotia to meet a treasure hunter by the name of Dan Blankenship. Although they would have been a great help to him, he wasn’t so sure about them then.


Even though they were rejected the first time, brothers waited for their chance, and it came ten years later when a part of the island was put on sale. Marty was patient, and soon enough he bought it with the support of his brother. This was quite a brave move, and it turned out to be a success. The popularity of the Oak Island rose steadily after that and later they attracted numerous TV producers, eager to materialize on adventures and explorations. You know how they say: ‘Who dares, wins!’

Of course, Rick and Marty work like a team. Marty provides the show with technical knowledge, and Rick is the source of inspiration. Rick is perhaps the one who believes the most in tales of lost treasure stranded beneath Oak Island. However, there is one thing that makes a perfect union, and that is their desire to find the truth of this mysterious island.

Rick used to be a postal worker but those days are long gone. He is now contributing to the show. He is in charge of Oak Island Tours Inc., and he is also an executive producer of the show.