The Essentials Of Every Jewish Household

The Jewish culture is really unique, and we can safely say that is one of the oldest ones out there. The Jewish culture has been around for thousands of year and is strongly influenced by The Old Testament as well as The New Testament. Saying this, a household of Jew has tons of decorations and parchments devoted to God including multiple citations from The Holy Bible and other ancient Hebrew texts.

It is fascinating how this culture has been able to withstand all the hardships and situations that history has put them through, and it stands on the same firm ground that it did centuries ago. If you are ever invited to a Jewish house, we can guarantee that you will be fascinated by all the ornaments, and pieces that have their unique meanings. And as Jews pray in their house a lot of the household essentials have their use during that time.

Let’s take a look at some of the essentials you are sure to see once visiting a Jewish household.

What Can You See In A Jewish House
  1. The Jewish Tallit is one of the few essentials in a Jewish household, and it is basically a clothing garment. It has four wings decorated by the four additional tassels as commanded by the Torah book. An interesting fact is that only men wear a tallit as it is considered that it corrects a soul, and women have already souls that don’t ask for any correction. It is recommended to be made out of 100 % wool and is worn mostly during the morning prayer. Still, a Jewish man can choose to wear it in other occasions as well like the Yom Kippur or the night time.


  1. The so-called Tallit Katan is the tassel that is threaded to the corners of a Jewish Tallit. Once again threaded in the four corners these tassels are made either of wool or cotton and are essential to any Jewish prayer.
  1. The Mezuzah is one of the most common items found in a Jewish home, and it has a unique significance. It is a handwritten paper parchment that is usually kept in a decorative box and put on a wall. Different sayings from The Book of Moses as well as other Hebrew texts are written, and a Jew pays respect to the Mezuzah each time he says it in the house.


  1. Hanukkah Candlestick. The Hanukkah day asks for multiple different decorations and among the same is the Sabbath candlestick. This beautifully designed candlestick has a religious meaning and is usually lit up during the time between Friday evening and Saturday evening.


  1. Food and Drinks. Last but not least when in a Jewish house you are sure to experience a variety of beautiful Kosher wines. Along with that, common foods are potato pancakes, gefilte fish, chicken soup as well as bagels. Apart from this, Jewish cuisine is really diverse, and you are sure to enjoy it.


If you don’t have a Jewish friend or you simply didn’t have the chance to visit their household we recommend you to do it. It will give you specific insight into their culture, and their religious obedience!