The Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger Will Return!

The UAW representative, Bill Johnson, announced that the Ford Ranger and the Bronco will return. Although he shouldn’t have said that, he definitely put smiles on faces of many Americans. It is also a right time for Ford to bring back the midsize pickup as well as the off-roader.

However, they have not made the official announcement yet, but we will take Johnson’s word for it. So let’s take a look at these two vehicles.

Ford Bronco


Some fans believe that new Bronco may be based on the 2017 Raptor, considering that the Ford F-150 served as an inspiration to the last generation of Bronco, which production ceased in 1996. However, that is not likely to happen.

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Both Bronco and Ranger will probably have the same body-on-frame construction. The Ford Everest, which is based on the current Ranger, will most likely borrow some of the parts for the Bronco.

It would be amazing if the new vehicle contained two doors and if Ford added a four-door SUV as an option. It would be truly unique If somehow, the Troller T4 platform, that is on the Ranger finds the way to the Bronco. For the record, Ford decided to buy Brazilian-market brand Troller, in 2007. In addition, with a few retro details, the new Bronco would be amazing.

However, these are only speculations, and it will probably not going to happen. We guess that the new Bronco will hit the market around 2024.

Ford Ranger

Unlike Bronco, the current Ranger is being sold in almost every country in the world except in North America. So when Johnson said that it will come back, he meant that the company plans to produce it in Michigan Assembly Plant and sell it in the US and Canada.

It is expected that popular midsize trucks like Honda Ridgeline, Toyota Tacoma, and Chevrolet Colorado receive a bitter rival in the new Ranger. A 3.2-liter V5 turbodiesel, the unit used on Transit will most likely be integrated into the new Ranger. Furthermore, we can predict the size of the vehicle by looking at the current model. However, Car and Driver believes that the Ford Bronco will come with two gasoline engine options – an EcoBoost turbo V4 and a naturally aspirated gas V6.

According to leaked information from the UAW contract, the new Ranger will be a 2019 model. We know for sure that the production of the Ranger will start before the production of the Bronco and we hope that the starting price will not exceed $25,000.