The health benefits of Paddle Boarding

– Are you searching to start a new activity that will improve your health, as well as the mental state you are in? Well, you will no longer have to look, since the health benefits of paddle boarding are endless. Paddle boarding can be done by anyone, even the people who think that their balance is not good or that they do not have the skills necessary to do so. In this article, you will be able to read about the benefits that you can get if you take on paddle boarding:

1. Improved balance

– The more you practice paddle boarding, the more your balance will improve both on the water, as well as off it. This sport develops a sense of stability, which can help you in your daily life as well or with sports that require balance, like surfing or yoga. As you practice this sport more often and become more and more stable, you will be able to use your paddle board to paddle longer distances or actually surf.

2. Core strength

– Did you know that with the right paddling technique, your core is doing the work, not your arms? Every time you perform a stroke, your stomach muscles contract. Hence, paddle boarding boosts your core in a way that only a few other spots can. Stronger core muscles can help you with all activities, as well as increase your endurance and changing the way your body looks.

3. Arm strength

– As mentioned before, paddling is done by your core, however, your shoulders and arms play a big role in paddle boarding as well. Every time that you paddle, you will be able to build your upper body strength, and after a few sessions, you will be able to paddle for hours without feeling tired or pain. Hence, the strength you gain will help you with other sports like surfing, kayaking, and swimming.

4. Leg strength

– According to, your legs will always be adjusting to the rocking of your board as you paddle away. Even paddling through calm and flat water requires your legs to stabilize as you perform each stroke through the waters. These movements do not only improve your balance, but it will strengthen your legs as well.

5. Mental clarity

– When you are paddling over the sea or a lake, you might see that your daily stress are, in a way, left ashore. While performing this sport, your brain will focus on the physical activity and the environment, leading to better mental clarity and a chance to disconnect from your every day, busy life, as well as work, social media, and other things that you might be doing during the day. If you are in the middle of making a major decision, you might find it helpful to go paddling, since you might arrive at the shore with the right decision.

6. Stress reduction

– In general, any physical activity does magnificent things for reducing stress, which is one of the things that could damage our health the most. Stress can have negative effects on our body, starting from mental health problems to triggering illnesses to premature aging. Exercise and sports, especially the ones performed in nature are proven to reduce stress.


– So, paddle boarding does not only improve your overall body health and look, but it will also help you with the mental stress you might be feeling.