The Hottest Women in Professional Gambling

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While the gambling industry is growing, the number of professional gamblers is increasing. With so many different tournaments, we had a chance to see incredible female poker players. So let’s check a list of the hottest women in professional gambling.

Here, we will mostly focus on the world of poker. There is no doubt that these ladies make the game look even better. While we know that it takes much more than looks to become a pro player, these women have it all. Is there anything better than a combination of brains and beauty?

Of course, we will mention not only women involved in professional gambling but the ones that you can see on TV as well. While all of us love playing games at online casinos, the chances of seeing one of these gorgeous ladies if you visit online casinos are slim.

Liv Boeree

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This British lady is a poker player, writer, and speaker who’s won numerous tournaments. Nicknamed the Iron Maiden, she is one of the best players today. But that’s not all — by profession, Liv is an astrophysicist. If you’re wondering if there is anything that she can’t do, the answer is probably no. The only thing hotter than Liv are her poker skills.

Tiffany Michelle

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Tiffany was the best female player at the 2008 World Series of Poker. But that is not her only accomplishment — she is also an actress, TV host, writer, and she appeared on Maxim’s list of the hottest celebrity poker players.

Tatjana Pasalic

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Tatjana was a famous TV presenter before she started playing poker. This Croatian heart-breaker left quite an impact when she appeared at the WSOP event wearing a catsuit (literally). Other than being a successful hostess, she is also a passionate cook.

Vanessa Rousso

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Vanessa is already a famous poker star. This half-French, half-American beauty won several tournaments, and she is among the most recognizable faces in the world of poker. She goes by the name of Lady Maverick, and she is part of a particular group of female players with several others from our list.

Melanie Weisner

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Melanie is often known by her nickname Callisto 5. She began her career playing online and soon started ranking quite high. She earned almost half a million playing tournaments online while she was studying at NYU. After she graduated, she started playing in tournaments across the world, and she appeared at the WSOP several years in a row.

Isabelle Mercier

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No Mercy is not only the nickname of this beauty but also the only thing you can expect if you face her at a poker tournament. With over one million in total earnings, numerous tournaments across the globe, and several first places, Isabelle currently lives in Monaco. She hasn’t played at any competitions since 2015, but thanks to her accomplishments while she was active, she earned a spot on our list of the best players.

Gaëlle Baumann

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Before she started her poker career and made a name for herself, Baumann earned two master’s degrees. After that, she moved to Australia and started playing online before switching to live games. She kept improving rapidly and soon earned a sponsorship. She had a chance to face and triumph against the best players, including Liv Boeree, Mark Rumi, and even Vanessa Selbst.

Sofia Lövgren

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Another European poker star hailing from Sweden. Besides being a successful player, she is also an ambassador for 888poker, writer, and undoubtedly one of the highest-profile players. Besides this, she loves skiing, yoga, golf, and cooking.

Sandra Naujoks

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This German beauty worked as a teacher, model, and graphic designer before she decided to ditch everything and pursue her poker dreams. Since then, she’s earned almost two million in live games, won numerous tournaments, and is undoubtedly one of the hottest players in the world.

Charlotte Van Brabander

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Charlotte was born in Belgium, and she’s made over a hundred thousand in various low-stakes tournaments across Europe and the U.S. She made a big impression thanks to her intelligence, skills, and beauty. Currently, she is sponsored by PokerStars, and she runs her own PR company. It allowed her to find a great way to use her advanced math and problem-solving skills.

Maria Ho

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It is hard not to know about Maria Ho. With almost four million in live earnings and countless tournaments under her belt, Maria is among the best players today. She was also inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, and she remains one of the fan-favorite players. Besides her impressive gambling career, she is also a television host and a commentator.


It would be nearly impossible to mention all the beauties out there who also happen to be excellent poker players. We had to settle for a shorter list and only mention the ones that are, without a doubt, the hottest women in professional gambling.