The importance of reading and writing

In addition to being the mechanism by which people communicate and transmit knowledge, ideas and opinions, language is one of the most important instruments for every child in the process of knowing the world around him and establishing his first relationships of affection. In this context, reading and writing, as language tools, become the perfect formula to increase learning and development in general. In this article some reasons are presented.

It is never too late to start the process of your learning and welcome are the literacy plans. However, according to specialists, starting teaching in childhood has a meaning that goes beyond being able to understand the texts, regardless of the level being talked about. If from the first years of life an individual is close to reading – expert opinions agree – the ability to read and write naturally develops as a complement to language. And that is just the beginning. There is a whole world of relevant factors when it comes to literacy in early childhood education.

Want to know

Reading and writing are words that indicate not only pillars of education, but also human skills that allow knowledge to be disseminated. They are also capabilities that all people can acquire in a process that goes beyond understanding the symbols and their combinations. The mastery of reading and writing implies knowledge of the proper use of icons (letters, signs and rules) and, in addition, the creation of a habit around skill. This routine is important in early childhood education and should be encouraged from the first years of life. Specialists suggest doing it in a way that means a pleasure for children to marvel at the universe of knowledge and experiences that delivers a text or a story, whatever its type. Gradually, the ability allows you to learn things about the world around them. Reading, in particular, becomes a means of incalculable value to increase the desire to know.


Since reading and writing are skills that require attention to a text, concentration inevitably works. This happens unconsciously and effortlessly, because when reading, the ideas of the writing are organized in the mind, the main and secondary are recognized. Something similar happens when writing. In this way, the ability to create and organize ideas is trained. Along with the above, writing and reading teaches and improves spelling. It happens as you see the words, an infallible formula to collect information about the correct use of letters and word shaping. By using software like, your writing activities can be more targeted.

Reflection and better expression

The multiple scenarios that reading and writing deliver contribute greatly to the overall development of a child. In particular, they contribute to learning and thinking abilities, serving as a tool to guide and structure them. Reading and listening to stories is also important, because it develops empathy and the ability to understand orally: children identify with characters and attend their adventures. But it is not all. Reading and writing even encourages the oral expression of children because the process, unconsciously, causes a reflection about language, meditation that enriches it, since writing also ‘forces’ to think before transmitting information, to choose the best way to transform thoughts and ideas into words and expressions.

Finally, but just as important as the previous points: reading and writing are activities that favor imagination and creativity, relaxation and entertainment. Regarding the former, literacy transports stories of all kinds, including fantastic scenarios and full of inspiring elements. With each narration, automatically, the mind creates images of the stories. These recreations can also be translated into words on paper and, later, projects and ventures, initiatives of any kind that reflect an active mind.

As for relaxation and entertainment, reading and writing have a fundamental contribution to a complete education: they are activities that allow us to drive away situations that generate anxiety. And it is that when reading or writing a text, inescapably, the mind moves away from other thoughts and a space is generated where only the story it summons matters.