The Rise Of The Seth Rollins In 2017


When Seth Rollins made his return last year after missing Mania because of the injury, everybody was ready to cheer for this guy and get behind him as a true babyface. But, the company wanted him to remain a heel because they needed an opponent for Roman before he violated the illegal substance policy. That was basically WWE throwing money down the toilet as he was primed for a monster face run.

Then, eventually, they did turn him but only after he cooled off as a character. He has struggled to leave an impression on the fans as he was not at 100 percent yet in the ring while also being involved in boring storylines with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. The fans had to watch him go up against same opponents week in and week out which was also hurting his stock in the WWE.


But, as soon as the WWE decided to leave him out of the Royal Rumble, the rise of Rollins started. He began a good feud with Triple H where Hunter’s promo’s really made Seth feel important. It seems that the build up to this Mania 33 match would have been even better if Rollins didn’t get hurt. Winning at Wrestlemania truly helped this guy, and he continued working great program with Samoa Joe. In the past couple of weeks, nobody was able to top what Seth did in the ring.

It seems that wrestler that we knew in 2015 when he had amazing matches is back. His moves look smooth, and he is back to being the Architect that we all knew him to be back before the injury.

The thing that also makes him great now is the fact that he has a good babyface character and that we now know what he is all about. He was trying to pander to the crowd way too much at first, but now we finally know who he is as a face. Rollins is now a guy that realizes that he took an easy way out in the past, but now sees that he really doesn’t need anyone’s help as he is one of the best performers there is. With that added to his character and the in-ring ability that we see from hm as of late, we are witnessing the rise of Seth Rollins in 2017.