The Riskiest Old School Runescape Gold Farming Method

In the Wilderness lies the Forinthry Dungeon, also called the Revenant Caves, for the unique creatures that inhabit it. This dungeon is popular for farming unique items as well as various resources. Among those items are the Ancient Artefacts. Make huge amounts of OSRS gold with this method prepared to you by Playerauctions! Fair warning, though! It may seem simple at first glance, but you’ll find it’s a lot riskier than you think!

The Method

Players sell the Ancient Artefacts in the Grand Exchange, even though they can also be sold to the Emblem Trader. That means you can buy the artifacts from the GE with a profit when you sell to the trader. That’s basically all you need to do.

There are six types of artifacts, and the trader will buy them from you for as much as 16 million coins

This method is more for those who can’t spend time farming gold for long. You just wait for your bought artifacts, run them to the trader, rinse and repeat. Trades sometimes take a long time to process, so you can leave them and come back later. The actual run to Emblem Traders shouldn’t take all that long. If you know where to go and what to avoid along the way, it should prove to be a breeze.

However, there’s a problem.

Wilderness Rules

Since you’ll be going back and forth through the Wilderness for this, you’ll have to be careful. The area is hostile, and you can lose your whole inventory when you die. Well, you get to keep three of your most valuable items, but that’s all. If you have enough prayer you can save one more, and eating a Fury Shark can let you save another. That’s a total of five items saved.

However, crafty players can trick you into getting skulled, a status wherein you drop everything you’re holding. Yes, even your most valuable loot isn’t safe when skulled. You still retain the one saved by the prayer, as long as you have it up. Thing is, experienced player killers have a strategy even for that. They drain your prayer with Elder Mauls, letting no loot from you slip through their nefarious fingers.

Even more alarming, the Emblem Trader only appears in the current Bounty Hunter World. Those worlds show the target’s current wealth, as well as allow other players to teleport to the current bounty target. That could be you, carrying your artifacts to the trader.

What You Can Do

You can have a scouting account. It’s an alternate account you use to scout for threats while traversing the Wilderness. Otherwise, you can use that account to protect your moneymaking character.

Then again, why not just PK those trying to do this? Of course, you have to be pre-geared and know the wilds well to do this. However, since you don’t need to invest in money other than your gear, you stand to profit more.

At any rate, this is only one of the ways to farm gold. If it doesn’t work for you, there are plenty of other, safer ways you can do so. Some don’t involve the roaming the wilds, and some do. It’s just a matter of picking the right one.

Get out there and start your business venture. Whether it’s through this way or not, we hope you enjoy your OSRS adventures!