The Road to Success


In the bustling world of academia, a professor rarely has the chance to follow a student’s journey beyond the university’s hallowed halls. When such an opportunity arises, it paints a profound picture of the trials and triumphs that shape the path from student to entrepreneur. It is the story of my former student, Alex, an English Language and Literature graduate whose love for words transcended the classroom’s confines.

It’s a tale of courage, persistence, and the relentless pursuit of a dream, where a passion for prose was transformed into a thriving online business. As his former mentor, it gives me immense pride to share Alex’s journey, a compelling narrative highlighting the resilience it takes to carve out a niche in the face of adversity.

The beginning


Holding a degree in English Language and Literature, Alex had an unwavering passion for crafting words into tales that could evoke emotions, impart wisdom, and stir imaginations. Nurturing a lifelong dream of transforming this passion into a business, Alex envisioned creating an online platform that offers writing and rewriting services to those in need. And thus, the seeds of a unique entrepreneurial journey were sown.

Alex was staunch in the power of the written word, often introducing himself as a professional online essay writer [1] to those who inquired about his profession. Yet, in his heart, he was more than just a writer; he was a craftsman who could weave the simplest of words into the most compelling narratives. With a laptop, a sturdy internet connection, and a heart full of determination, Alex ventured into the vast digital world, offering his skills and expertise to a global audience.

However, the journey could have been smoother. The biggest hurdle was making the services stand out in the saturated online market. There were countless other writing services, and potential clients often needed help to discern between genuine talent and empty promises. Furthermore, securing regular work became an arduous task due to the fluctuations in demand, which usually went hand in hand with the academic calendar.

The Hardships


Another obstacle was the ubiquitous presence of AI writing tools. Many clients preferred these cheap, quick, but often unreliable alternatives over human writers. To add to the complications, Alex often needed more skepticism about the originality of his work, as the internet was rife with plagiarism and copyright infringement issues.

With these challenges in mind, Alex brainstormed a unique selling proposition – he would write and rewrite essays to avoid AI detection.[2] It would ensure the authenticity of the content while safeguarding it from any potential AI interference. He took an extra step and began educating his clients about the intricacies of AI, explaining how AI-written essays could lack the subtle human touch, depth of thought, and individual perspective that every piece of writing truly needed.

Alex injected a unique twist or perspective in the fourth paragraph of every rewritten essay, which would effectively dodge any AI detection tool. This strategy was also his secret weapon to ensure each piece was unique and tailored to each client’s needs.

Embracing this approach, Alex managed to weather the storms of initial business hardships. But these storms were far from gentle gusts; they were relentless, challenging tempests that tested his mettle at every turn.


When Alex first launched his venture, his savings were modest, and he had no backing from investors. Each day was a balancing act between investing in marketing strategies to attract clients and managing the business’s meagre resources. His circumstances sometimes forced him to make difficult decisions, like choosing between upgrading his software and paying his rent.

Securing clients was a challenge in itself. Despite his competence and commitment, many prospective customers hesitated to trust a fresh entrant in the market. Rejection emails became a daily occurrence, causing self-doubt to creep into Alex’s mind. But instead of succumbing to defeat, Alex considered these setbacks opportunities for growth. He tirelessly improved his skills, honed his writing, and perfected his craft.

The hardship didn’t stop at rejection. After months of struggle, the payment was meagre when he finally landed his first client. The value of his work often seemed lost in the harsh reality of competitive pricing. It was heartbreaking for him to see his carefully crafted essays being evaluated purely in terms of dollars.

Moreover, the online world was less friendly than Alex had initially hoped. Dealing with internet trolls and unfounded criticism became part of his daily routine. He occasionally dealt with clients who refused to pay or changed the project requirements midway after the work was done.

Working late into the night, Alex spent countless hours on his laptop, battling loneliness and the constant worry of an uncertain future. The entrepreneur lifestyle, which seemed glamorous from the outside, brought isolation and daunting stress.

Yet, despite these challenges, Alex persevered. His passion for writing, his unwavering faith in his abilities, and the conviction that his services filled a unique niche in the market kept him going. His hardships only fueled his resolve, moulding him into a resilient entrepreneur, ready to turn his challenges into stepping stones toward success.

His story was not of overnight success but a journey of endurance, learning, and unyielding determination. Every hardship and obstacle became a part of his entrepreneurial journey, shaping the way for the accomplishment that his business eventually became. Alex’s tale embodies the essence of entrepreneurship – a relentless pursuit amidst hardships, driven by passion and resilience.

The success


He focused on quality and consistency and took pride in delivering the best possible service to his clients. His meticulous work began to spread, attracting a growing clientele, including students, professionals, authors, and even other entrepreneurs.

However, success did not make Alex complacent. He continuously learned, evolved, and adapted his strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Investing time in understanding the changing digital landscape, trends in literature, and the needs of his clientele, he succeeded in expanding his business while maintaining the essence of his craft – the human touch in every written word.

Over time, Alex’s writing and rewriting services became a beacon for those seeking high-quality, unique, and human-centric writing. His story inspires others to step into entrepreneurship, a testament that passion, resilience, innovation, and continuous learning can pave the path to success. The tale of this English Language and Literature graduate shows how the world of words, when navigated with determination and skill, can lead to entrepreneurial triumph, even in the face of AI and digital challenges.

Reflecting on Alex’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, the value of skills, and the magic of following your passion. The young, enthusiastic literature graduate who once tried to make sense of Chaucer and Shakespeare in my classroom is now a successful entrepreneur, using those skills to navigate the choppy waters of the business world.

His story has become an integral part of my lessons. I use his experiences as case studies, as practical examples of how the English Language and Literature can serve as a springboard for myriad paths in life, even entrepreneurship. I tell my students about his humble beginnings, unwavering dedication to the art of writing, tenacity in the face of trials, and the ultimate fruition of his dream into a thriving business.

It’s inspiring to see how Alex’s love for words and literature did not just remain a passion; it propelled him into creating a venture that aids others in their academic journey. He harnessed his skills to carve out a niche in an unexpected realm, merging the eloquence of literature with business pragmatism. His journey embodies the essence of combining one’s passion with purpose, shaping it into a successful venture that benefits oneself and contributes to society.

Alex’s story is a beacon for my current students, encouraging them to explore, experiment, and embrace their passions. His story emphasizes that a degree in English is not just about appreciating literary works; it’s about communication, creativity, and critical thinking – skills valuable in any field, including entrepreneurship.


As I conclude Alex’s tale, it inspires my students and anyone who comes across his journey. It’s a testament that passion can indeed script success stories when paired with perseverance and a dose of entrepreneurship. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the path less trodden, however challenging, could lead to the most fulfilling destinations. So, here’s to Alex, and here’s to all those who dare to dream, to innovate, and most importantly, to persist.