The Rock Hits The Gym Hours After The Birth Of Daughter

Dwayne Johnson and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian just got their second baby girl (the third one for Johnson), but that didn’t stop The Rock from hitting the gym. He’s got new ‘daddy duties,’ but People’s Champ won’t ease down on hard work.

Just hours after his girlfriend delivered his third daughter Hollywood’s best-paid actor went to the gym. The former wrestler is a gym addict, so he needed to pump some iron before going to sleep as his body demands it. Earlier yesterday he announced the birth of Tiana Gia and hours after that he shared another Instagram video, this time from the gym.

In the video, he addresses the audience by saying: “Very late night workout here in the West Coast Iron Paradise, and I gotta get it in where I can fit it in these days. I’ve been on daddy duty all weekend, no sleep. I feel like I look like seven pounds of horse s*** in a two-pound bag, but that’s okay because I just had my third daughter, baby Tiana Gia Johnson.”

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The support to Johnson after he announced the birth of Tiana Gia was enormous and Johnson decided to thank them via this clip. The video was captioned with words: “Post midnight workout. Cruisin’ by to show love and gratitude to y’all around the world for the Baby Tiana and RAMPAGE love. And I’m a big boy, gotta strong chin and love a good fight, so AVENGERS hit me with your best shot & knock me out 😂💪🏾. Best of luck and congrats in advance on breaking records – it’s GREAT for our business. Everyone wins. Thank you again fans worldwide for the love. Love U back 🌎🤟🏾
#MidnightTraining #WestCoastIronParadise #SweatEquity”

He didn’t miss to give a shout-out to Avengers: Infinity War which will premiere soon and was the reason the premiere of his Rampage was pushed forward. But Johnson has no hard feelings as you can tell, he’s in for some healthy competition. The new installment of Avengers will break many records, but this will only inspire Johnson. He will try to catch up to them with one of his upcoming movies. Maybe with Skyscraper, or Hobbs, definitely with Jungle Cruise, or perhaps with Black Adam. Dwayne can do it!

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