Jerry Jones Says Dez Bryant Won’t Be Coming Back


Dallas Cowboys released Dez Bryant, and he’s now a free agent. But, unfortunately for Dez, there aren’t many suitors for his services. After stating that he wants to stay in NFC East, there are only three teams that fit his desires. Or, is there four? Some people started suggesting that if no one signs Dez, he could come back to Dallas at a reduced salary.

Jerry Jones was quick to deny these claims by stating: “We need to move on knowing that we don’t have Dez.”

Bryant was released on April 13th, after a short meeting between him and Dallas franchise top brass. Cowboys weren’t entirely fair to the player, cutting him before even offering a pay cut. He also wasn’t designated as a post-June 1st release. By doing this America’s Team saved $8.5 million against the cap.

According to Jones the time of Bryant’s release is good as any other: “I have no thoughts about the timing of when we decided to move on. For everyone concerned, that was as good a time as any from the end of the season.”

When asked about Dez’s replacement Dallas Cowboys owner said: “I think we recognize that we’ve got a hole to fill with Dez. We, actually, in general, know right now that and have known that we probably won’t have what we would call a pure X receiver to take the place of Dez.”

Dallas Cowboys will undoubtedly pick a wide receiver in the upcoming draft, but according to Jones, there is no pressure to select one in the first two rounds.

As for Dez Bryant, his search for a team continues. The most likely candidate from NFC East is New York Giants. Bryant even stated that he would love to play with Odell Beckham Junior and has also shared a workout video of him and OBJ. There was no official contact between Bryant and Giants organization, and it seems that they are not interested at the moment because of their salary cap situation. The only way Dez ends up there is if he takes a massive pay cut. The same pay cut he refused in Dallas when asked about it by reporters at the end of 2017 season.

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