The Rock Reveals The Mystery Of Open-Calf Wrestling Boots

Despite all of the Instagram posts and tweets on Twitter, some things regarding Dwayne The Rock Johnson remain a mystery to this day. But luckily for all of the fans who are curious about “all things The Rock,” Dwayne is a down-to-earth guy who frequently gets into conversations with his fans on social media platforms.

With the busy schedule People’s Champ has, making one film after another, you would think that he has no time for every day’s man. But he has. Just last Saturday one fan was asking via Twitter about the piece of equipment The Rock was sporting during his WWE days. Twitter user @mbrazee84 asked: “I wonder who’s idea @TheRock’s open-calf boots were and has anyone else ever worn that same style? #WrestlemaniaXIX.”

In a sea of questions Brahman Bull gets asked every day, by millions of fans, you would think that this inquiry would pass by unnoticed. But think again! The Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle star saw the question and gave a full answer which satisfied his entire fan base: “The open calf wrestling boot was an idea for OG wrestler named George Wells. He gave my pops an old pair of his boots in the 80’s. They were in storage, and my pops never wore em. I found em and thought it was a dope idea. Plus luckily I have big calves to fill them out 😂🙏🏾.”

Things like this are what sets apart Dwayne The Rock Johnson from the rest of Hollywood stars. He knows that popularity is owed to fans and he treats them with respect for the fame they gave him. If you didn’t know, he’s now officially Hollywood’s best-paid actor. And he thanks his fans for it!