The Rock Reveals Why He Wasn’t At Wrestlemania 33


Ever since he made his return to the WWE in 2011 after missing for over seven years from the WWE TV, The Rock was a part of Wrestlemania. We could see this guy in both wrestling role as he went up twice against John Cena, and as a superstar that came just to do a segment and get the crowd all fired up for the show.

His segment with Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania 31 was a thing of beauty as it came as a surprise while it also made a lot of sense. His performance at Wrestlemania 32 with The Wyatt Family and Cena wasn’t as good as that one with Ronda, but it still did the job. We all know that he is probably not going to be in a wrestling match ever again, except maybe once, as he has a big movie career and he can’t afford to get hurt in the ring.


Still, that doesn’t mean that he can’t show up at the most important moments and on the biggest shows like Wrestlemania as there are fans that still would very much love to see him in the WWE, even if his role is as limited as it is nowadays. He can always make an appearance in order to put somebody over and make them look good. There is no doubt that he would have done that this year if he got the chance. But, Hollywood duties and his schedule were something that he couldn’t overcome. Here is what he said about why he missed Wrestlemania 33.

“No I didn’t get a chance to, I was shooting at that time. We were just wrapping up Ballers in LA so I didn’t get a chance to make it.”