Giant python slithers into a golf course!

Zimbali Country Club golf course was a host for something most unusual and unseen that often. Apparently, golfers who played at that golf course witnessed something that you see once in your life – a huge python slithering on the green.

As we managed to find out it was the large African rock python who decided it is time to stretch its body and horrify players at the court at the same time. The python is caught trying to relocate from one side of the course to the other, and all of this happened at the eighth hole. Nick Evans was the guy who decided to share this video with us and the KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Facebook page, and according to him this python is estimated to be 3.5 m long and is “made of pure muscle.”

Evans even gave a statement on the matter saying “It is a truly beautiful and magnificent animal. I’m so glad this majestic specimen was left alone. We need to work together in conserving this special species, through continuous education and the rescue of ‘problem animals.” The video of the python slithering was caught by one of the marshals, and on the video, you can also see Kyle Caitano who works at the Zimbali Pro Shop, who said that this snake has been there for some time and that it often settles between hole 2 and hole 8.

Check out the video yourself, just beware those who do not like snakes, skin crawl is guaranteed!!!