Randy Orton Reveals That Smackdown Live Shows Make More Than Raw

Source: www.inquisitr.com

Back in the attitude era of the WWF, the company was the land of the giants where most of the superstars were huge and had that characteristic bodybuilders look. Nowadays, that is not the case as there are a lot of ex-indy stars that proved themselves in various promotions before coming to the WWE and made their names in the big leagues.

So it is safe to say that many wrestlers that work for this company today have a lot of respect for the Indy scenes and what those guys are doing in order to go up through the ranks in the world of wrestling. A lot of them had to go through the same grit and grind before they entered the WWE.

But, there are also those superstars that are a pure creation of the WWE. One of those guys is Randy Orton, a third generation superstar and someone that made his name only in this company and nowhere else. He is still the youngest world champion of all time. In a recent interview, he took a lot of shots to the indy wrestling.

Source: twitter.com
Source: twitter.com

He said that some of the fans are obsessed with all those flips and jumps that indy guys do and all that acrobatic moves that they perform. He also stated that he is fine if the people want to pay eight dollars just to watch dives and flips in the small arena while the WWE makes big money. Randy continued by saying that he is going to “dive” into his 13th title run and “flip” when he gets paid. This is not all as this guy revealed that Smackdown Live is actually making more money on their live events than the Monday Night Raw.

In his rant, he did mention that 5 million dollars is the advantage that blue brand’s live events have over those that red brand puts on, which is something to think about for the WWE who want Raw to be their flagship show.