Dwayne Johnson The Rock Talks about His Choice for VP

Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

Dwayne The Rock Johnson was the host of Saturday Night Live Season 42 finale. And although it was pretty funny, he had some serious things to put straight. He talked about speculations and rumors about him running for president in 2024, since a poll appeared claiming that more Americans would rather vote for The Rock, than the current President Trump. Dwayne “affirmed” the rumors and declared his choice for Vice President.

Let’s be honest, the election ticket with Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks would probably break the records of voting. On the one side, we have the most thrilling man in sports entertainment and one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. On the other side, we have a legendary actor with a lot of Oscars and amazing roles such as David S. Pumpkins and Forrest Gump. No one in politics could ever possibly compete with that. Sure enough, both of this guys were probably doing this Saturday Night Live all jokingly, however, they did leave it vague enough at the very end, so we can still wonder if Dwayne was serious about running for some form of political office.

Source: www.usmagazine.com

Perhaps that is why the Saturday Night Live monologue was so extraordinary. First, you think he is serious, then you think he is joking, and the way they leave it just makes it unclear for you. If we can put ourselves in Dwayne’s shoes, after watching that theoretical election, we would probably consider running for office for real, as well. Although it’s not quoted clear what qualifications Johnson and Hanks possess which would make them good candidates, they would most definitely be the most charming couple in Washington. This could sound like a joke right now, but some people like Al Franken had their first experience on Saturday Night Live before they started their successful career in politics.

So, will we see Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks on the Presidential ticket in 2024? Probably not, but nothing is impossible.