Why Did WWE Do Balor/Heyman Segment?

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As you probably know, Finn Balor is one of the five people that is going to be in the fatal five-way match for the number one contender spot for the Universal Title that Brock Lesnar currently holds. Everybody has been highlighted in this battle, but it seems that Balor has been left high and dry. After that loss to Roman Reigns clean last week, it looks that he lost a bit of his momentum.

Bray Wyatt has been in a good segment with Roman which makes him important right away, Seth Rollins has been built up nicely over the past couple of months while Samoa Joe looks strong every single week. Him being in a high-profile feud with Rollins also helps him stay relevant. On the other hand, Balor hasn’t been doing much, and he just lost to Roman.

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That is why Heyman showed up on Raw. It was so the fans start to believe that The Demon King really has a shot at winning the fatal five-way and be competitive in the duel and against other guys. Being in a segment with Paul Heyman is always good as he is the best talker in the WWE and gives that big fight feel to everything that he is involved in.

Lesnar has been booked for a lot of dates, more than usual, so there is a chance that Balor is going to face him. But, even if he doesn’t win this match, which is probably what is going to happen, the seeds were planted for an eventual showdown between the Beast and Demon King if WWE ever decided to go that route.