The Rock’s Traveling Gym contains 40.000 pounds of top notch workout equipment!


We already made a post about Dwayne’s traveling gym but here are some details about it that are very mind-blowing. Apparently, the traveling gym or the “traveling carnival” as he calls it, has around 40.000 pounds of equipment and travels wherever he goes. In his most recent Instagram post, we managed to find out that there is an entire crew that is behind this gym and they have to assemble it as well as disassemble when they move to the next movie spot. It is hard work for these guys, and Dwayne is highly appreciative of it.

The Instagram video that we mentioned has The Rock telling us about his routine, and this is how it goes: “Every morning at 5 a.m. I get up and I come here to my iron paradise. There’s over 40.000 pounds of twisted steel, s*x appeal, and heartache. A lot of heartache—mainly my own.” He also stated that he couldn’t live without the hundred guys in his crew who have the task of putting up his “Iron Paradise,” and basically thank them for putting up with him since he admitted that he is a sort of “pain in the a**.” It is important for his crew to do a good job in order for Dwayne to keep his energy flow just right when it comes to the equipment placement.


Besides all the usual equipment that the gym has to have (Johnson probably owns some unusual as well), this gym also comes with, get this, a few flags hanging in the back. Besides Dwayne being a huge patriot and hanging the US flag there, he also has two others that represent the Air Force and Marine Corps. Well, since we know he comes from a family of proud military soldiers – from the Vietnam war to Navy SEALS, then these are not a huge surprise, right?! The other important thing that the gym has to have is a toilet of course, but when it comes to this traveling circus, we are not entirely sure that it has one. Why would it anyways since Dwayne trains so hard that he doesn’t have time to use it. The bottle is all that The Rock needs.

Johnson also stated that this gym “It’s my anchor, plus traveling in a gym like this eliminates all the bulls*it excuses not to get the job done and get to work.” If you get a chance to see it (wouldn’t bet on it, but you can try), Dwayne is currently in Vancouver finishing up his last day shooting Skyscraper. Next place for him and his gym is on the Hawaiian Islands where he is shooting Jungle Cruise.