The Shield Reveals Who Is Their Fourth Member


Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose are the three members of one of the most popular WWE factions in recent memory. The Shield has been hated when they were the heels, but it was a good kind of hate. That true heel heat. Then, as soon as they turned babyface, the success that they enjoyed has elevated them in the ranks, and big things were planned for them.

Now, three years since they split up and broke up The Shield, all three of them have won the WWE Championship, Rollins and Reigns have done it in the main event. There is no doubt about them being three of the most popular guys that WWE has on their roster.

During the Table for 3 show, they have talked about them working together and about who is their fourth unofficial member of the team.


“I was talking to an old mentor of ours, Joey Mercury, the other day. I miss Joey a lot too. I love him so much. Very, actually, an integral part of The Shield. He should maybe be the fourth seat (at the Table for 3) because he was the behind-the-scenes Shield Brother.”

Reigns also recalled Joey always telling them that they need to stick together. When somebody is pushed to the moon like these three have been, they need to work hard and set an example for the others, both in the ring and in the locker room. Roman also added that they always did everything together, trained together, worked together and that all came from Joey who always said that they need to show everybody that they are a legit unit. Now, three years later, there is no doubt that they were a credible bunch that did great things.