WWE Has Backup Plan For Roman Reigns

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Whether the fans like it or not, Roman Reigns is still the top guy in and for the WWE. The plan of pushing him as the number one star hasn’t changed one bit as Vince wants him to look strong all the time, whenever that is possible. Reigns will likely beat Lesnar in the main event of Wrestlemania 34 which is something that a lot of the fans have a problem with.

Since he is going to be pushed as the top babyface, the next move for him is to be a part of the Raw Survivor Series team that is led by Kurt Angle and that is going to face the squad of Smackdown Live. With Roman on their roster, the red brand would be a clear-cut favorite, especially since the blue team won last year. But, because of the sickness that cost him the Tables Ladders and Chairs PPV appearance with The Shield, he might even miss the Survivor Series match.

Source: wwe.com

WWE wants him to be the main man in the team. If that is not going to happen and if he doesn’t get cleared, the writers have a backup plan. Jason Jordan, who is Kurt Angle’s son via the Storyline, is somebody that the company wants to replace Roman if he doesn’t get cleared by the doctors.

Even the young guys should always get the chance to shine on the big stage, it just seems that Jordan being in the match is going to drag it down a bit since he is still not a legit name on the WWE roster in singles competition. Plus, the fans are going to see him being in the battle as just another guy that the higher-ups want to push down their throats.