Kenny Omega Calling Out Everybody In The WWE


The year of 2017 has been a great one for Kenny Omega. There is no doubt that he is one of the biggest names in wrestling today even though he is not in the biggest company in the business. After that match with Okada at the Wrestle Kingdom 11 pay per view which is considered to be one of the best in recent memory, his stock has sky-rocketed. Now, everybody knows who Kenny Omega is and how good of an in-ring performer he can be when he is on top of his game.

WWE probably already got in touch with him, but Omega knows that he can make much more money on his own, doing whatever he wants and making much bigger noise than he ever would in the WWE as they are known for handcuffing guys and not using them to their full potential.


Omega thinks that there is a ceiling for the wrestlers. The wrestling business can only become but so popular. His main goal now is to break that ceiling, to become something that this sport hasn’t seen since the days of the Attitude Era. NJPW is not only big in Japan now. They are global, everybody knows what they are doing and what they are about. Kenny is a big part of that.

He also took a small shot at everybody in the WWE by saying that nobody is on his level. Here are his exact words on that matter.

“WWE, in general, you can quote me on this I don’t care, everyone there is so below me. No one can put together a performance like me from there. Anyone that’s copying anyone is copying me. I’m the trend right now.”