Why is Hollywood avoiding to part Hulk Hogan for this long?

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9Terry Gene Bollea known under his wrestling nickname, Hulk Hogan, has had a career decline in recent years

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Most of you probably do not know the name Terry Gene Bollea, and that is understandable. But what if we said that this guy is actually someone you know but under his wrestling nickname – Hulk Hogan. Now that changes a couple of things doesn’t it?! You all know Hogan as an icon from the 80s and 90s and that was thanks to a huge popularity of the WWF (and later WWE). Thanks to his wrestling glory he managed to open himself a door straight to Hollywood and he shined for some time, but apparently something happened that made Hollywood decide not to part Hogan anymore. It seems that there is a very long list of controversies and complications made this guy an unwanted actor in the business.