The Ultimate Guide to Buying Watches

There will always be a time in a man’s life that he will have the urge to buy a watch, but not just a watch, but a good one that will last a long time. A good one is something that will last long enough to get what it’s worth, but is still stylish and speaks volumes of the person who wears it.

Looking for the perfect can be tedious. Not only are there different types of watches, but there are also timepieces that can range from a few hundreds of dollars to thousands, even millions of dollars! For this reason, you must arm yourself with basic knowledge about watches. It will help you save time and effort. Fortunately, stores and online retailers like provide references and guides that you can use when buying one.

Read below for tips you can use before buying your next watch.

Quartz vs. Mechanical vs. Automatic


The first thing to know when thinking of buying is what movement you want – quartz or automatic. A quartz watch is powered by a battery to keep time. This kind of “movement” is cheaper to make. A significant advantage of a quartz watch is that there are fewer things that need to be powered by the battery, so it is more accurate and affordable.

A mechanical one does not need a battery for it to work. You have to wind the watch at least once a day. Not all automatic watches are the same. Some are better than other mechanical watches because of the maker’s attention to detail. This considered the cream of the crop for watches.

An automatic watch is like a mechanical one. However, the user does not need to wind ever; that is why they are called “self-winding” watches. The watch winds itself depending on your movement.


Watches can be made of stainless steel, titanium steel, or ceramic. Out of those three, stainless steel is the most commonly used material. It offers versatility and durability. It cannot be endangered by sweat and moisture.

Titanium and ceramic watches, on the other hand, are more expensive and durable. Titanium is more lightweight and hypoallergenic, which is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Ceramic is a modern material that is scratch-resistant, which offers a look that is always brand new.

Type of strap

Straps can be made with leather, metal, or rubber. Leather straps are slim, sleek, and formal to look. However, leather can get hot and sweaty in the summer. Some straps get damaged with too much moisture and sweat, so be careful with your watch if you choose leather straps. In terms of longevity, it always depends on how you use it.

Metal straps are more masculine and suit any attire that you wear. Good quality metal straps are those with screwed links. Finally, rubber straps are perfect for a casual look, but can sometimes be suitable for formal attires. However, your wrist might get sweaty during hot days.


The kind of watch glass is also vital to take into consideration. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the three different types of glasses, Acrylic Glass, Mineral Glass, and Sapphire Crystal. To identify what kind of lens, using advanced machines and techniques can get precise results. However, not all of us can do so. Fortunately, when you buy from reputable shops and brands, the detailed list of materials of the watch is provided clearly.

Sapphire glass is a durable glass that is scratch-resistant even after continued use. Crystal glass or mineral glass is used in an average. And Acrylic glass was widely used up to the 1980s, the cheapest of all three types. These types of glass are generally less expensive but are not scratch-resistant.


While there are many watches you can choose from, you would also like a watch that can withstand your activities. Although functional watches serve a purpose in every man’s life, they won’t look great with your suit or any formal attire.

Diving watches

This watch is designed to withstand extreme depth, hence the name. It is designed for people who spend a lot of time near the water. Their first design highlight is them being water-resistant. The standard for a diving watch is for it to be water-resistant for at least 100 meters deep. Although it is for underwater use, you can still wear it casually.

Aviation watches

Watchmakers made it easier for pilots to navigate with their watches. It can convey vast amounts of information, perfect for the usage of pilots. The dial is usually black to make it easier for pilots to read, even in a dark cockpit.


This watch is the most sophisticated in terms of design out of all the clocks. It’s typically thin with leather straps, which makes it sleek and not flashy. This is classy and improves your suit and other formal attire. The numbers are in Roman Numerals or Arabic Numerals.


This watch is designed for racing and driving. Race Car driving relies on accurate timing to win a race. It is made with a large dial with clear Arabic numerals. It is typically made with stainless steel to withstand intense driving or racing.

Field watch

Field watches were designed for military officers who need coordinated attacks, tell time at night, or just that can withstand intense war battles. Its aesthetic is military-like, rugged, yet still functional and stylish.

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Purchasing can be harder than what it seems, especially if you’re considering buying it from a well-known and expensive brand. Various choices with unique designs from different brands can overwhelm you even more. Just remember that the watch you purchase should function correctly, but still be stylish at the same time.