The Undertaker Puts Two People In A Casket And Wins The Match

The Greatest Royal Rumble event has attracted all the big stars that WWE has on their roster. The fact of the matter is that the company is earning so much money that they can afford to pay and bring anybody to this show. It’s literally crazy how stacked with stars this event has been. One of the stars that they decided to bring out is The Undertaker.

Even though he is now over 50 years old, The Dead Man is still one of the biggest draws that they have. When you think about the greatest superstars of all time, The Phenom is right up there at the top with some other greats of this business. Also, this is probably the greatest creation that wrestling has ever seen.

That is why he has been booked for this event. The fans of Saudi Arabia made a lot of noise when he stepped into the arena, as well as when he was entering the ring. Rusev is pretty over in Saudi Arabia as well, but when you step into the ring with The Phenom, you have no choice but to be a heel.

The match was fine for what it was. Rusev got some offense in, but we knew that there was no chance that he was going to win. He was on the wrong end of the chokeslam and he was pushed into the casket. Aiden English tried to interfere again, but The Phenom had one chokeslam ready for him as well. He also got hit with the Tombstone Piledriver and was also in a casket with Rusev when Taker closed it and won the battle.

This was the first casket match in the WWE in more than three years and the first that The Dead Man wrestled in since 2008.