The Whispers Will Not Return For Season 2

After ABC had announced that some of their summer TV shows would be renewed for new seasons, many hoped The Whispers would be among theme. However, unfortunately, it turned out that this isn’t going to be the case. Even though this science fiction drama was mostly well-received by the audience and it drew a great number of viewers by the end of its 13-episode Season 1, the network still decided to cancel it.

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Loosely based on the 1951 Ray Bradbury short story Zero Hour from The Illustrated Man, the series revolves around a group of children who communicate with their imaginary friend Drill and play certain games so as to get the rewards Drill promises to give them. One boy’s mother, Claire Bennigan, an FBI child specialist, has a very important role in solving the mystery behind various accidents which follow the children, as she comes to realize that there is a connection between different children-related cases. In addition to this, during the course of her investigation, she finds out some unexpected information about her missing husband.

When it comes to the series renewal, according to Deadline, we shouldn’t have expected to see it. One thing that suggested the series is unlikely to be continued is the fact that the 1.5 rating, which was not that high in the first place, began to decrease as the series was getting closer to the end of the first season. Another thing pointing this direction are the contracts that the crew members signed at the beginning have expired in June already, which means that ABC would have had to renegotiate with the actors individually before they would even consider coming back for the new season. Not only that this would take a while, but it couldn’t be guaranteed that all the cast members would eventually show up to work on the sequel.

As already mentioned, some of the ABC shows will be renewed for more episodes, such as Mistresses, but, sadly, The Whispers is not the only series which was canceled. There are two more that will not return – Rookie Blue and The Astronaut Wives Club.