The World God Only Knows – Season 4 Potential Release Date


Written and illustrated by Tamiki Wakaki, The World God Only Knows is a Japanese manga series which served as an inspiration for an anime adaptation of the same title. The anime was directed by Shigehito Takayanagi, while the script was written by Hideyuki Kurata and it aired for the first time in October 2010 on TV Tokyo. Ever since then, two more seasons have been released. The second season was delivered in 2011, while the third one followed in 2013. Considering it’s been almost four years since then, fans have been waiting to hear some news about Season 4 for quite some time now, so we can’t blame them for being impatient.

At some point, there were rumors that suggested that the anime would be canceled due to the bankruptcy of the Manglobe studio, which delivered the first three seasons. In addition to this, others believed the series was not to be continued because the manga series ended, so they assumed that there was not enough material to make a sequel. However, you shouldn’t worry about either of the two.


First of all, Manglobe seems to be back on its feet, as the studio’s last project, the Genocidal Organ anime film, was released in February this year. This movie was eventually picked by Geno Studio, which means that, even if Manglobe can’t, some other studio may pick The World God Only Knows Season 4 and deliver it.

As for the plot, even though the manga has been finished, the story of the anime was certainly not, as it ended with several questions kept unanswered, so there is no doubt that it will be continued. It needs to bring answers to some of the parts of the story, and hopefully, that will be done with the sequel.


The World God Only Knows Season 4 Release Date

All in all, you shouldn’t worry about the Season 4 being canceled, that’s for sure. However, when it comes to the exact release date, unfortunately, there have been no official announcements. It is possible that the upcoming batch of episodes will be released sometime in 2018. This is only our guess at the time being, so stay tuned for more reliable information. We’ll keep you updated.