Ranking All Quarterbacks In The NFC East

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NFC East is one of the most interesting divisions every single year. The media attention that the Dallas Cowboys have each and every season makes following these teams interesting. They do have some young signal callers, but there are also guys that have been proven on the biggest stage. Let’s rank the starters in this division at the QB position.

4) CARSON WENTZ, Philadelphia Eagles – He is at the bottom of this list by default. We are not saying that he is a bad quarterback as he had no help in his rookie year. Now, he’s got some weapons and will have an opportunity to show us just how good he is. It will be a big year for Wentz as the expectations will be greater than last year.

Source: www.si.com

3) DAK PRESCOTT, Dallas Cowboys – This was a tough call for us, but we are going to put Prescott second to last as he is still a young guy that has a lot to show. The one thing that he did prove is that he is a solid starter in the NFL, but he is going to have to take his game to the next level.

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2) ELI MANNING, New York Giants – We had to put two-time Super Bowl champion over a guy like Prescott as he has been able to rise to the occasion when the lights shined the brightest. Still, he is a bit shaky and will need to step up his play if the Giants want to contend in the NFC.

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1) KIRK COUSINS, Washington Redskins – Even though he has made some mistakes in the past, there is no doubt that he is the most talented passer in this division. Redskins will rely on him to take them to the promise land, so he better be ready to deliver and write the wrongs of the last season.

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