There Will Be No Long-Term Contract For David Irving


Just like the rest of the NFL franchises Cowboys will have a ton of work to do in the offseason. It all starts with free agency, continues with the draft, and finishes with forming a roster which will compete next season.

America’s Team focus during spring and summer will be more on retaining and signing to long-term contracts some of their key players rather than bringing in new big name free agents.

One of the players on Cowboys team who will be a restricted free agent in the off-season is David Irving. Unfortunately, according to Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones, it will be hard for the most expensive franchise in the world to tie Irving to a long-term deal.

Although it is expected for him to remain in Dallas, he probably won’t be signing a multi-year deal. Instead, the front office will probably put a second-rounder tender on him. This action will allow other teams to negotiate with the player, but Dallas Cowboys will have an option of matching their offers. If they decide not to match the highest offer, they will be awarded a second-round pick from that team.

During the 2017 season, Irving had seven sacks, the highest number of his career. And, he achieved that by only playing in eight games. First four matches of the season Irving missed because of suspension, while the last four this guy missed due to a concussion. During his three year tenure in Dallas, he has recorded 11.5 sacks.


When asked of the chances of David Irving remaining a Cowboy Stephen Jones said: “It’ll be a difficult one and probably, if anything, he needs to put together a full season and consistency and all of that. Obviously played outstanding when he was healthy. DeMarcus Lawrence put together a full, great year and obviously that’s important. So therefore, I think it’d be real difficult to figure out something long-term with David.”

With impending contract talks with DeMarcus Lawrence and Zack Martin, Cowboys won’t have enough money to sign Irving to a similar deal. And, according to Jones, Irving didn’t merit the same treatment Martin and Lawrence will get, for his last year performance. But the math is easy, prove it next season, and you shall have your long-term extension on the table.