These Smart Essentials Will Help You Manage Your Life Better

With the advancement of technology in the recent age, we are using science as a tool to forge various smart gadgets for making our daily life super smooth. There are many such blessings of science that can help us to improve our lifestyle to a great extent. The scientists and technologists are utilizing their knowledge for this purpose.

As a result, numerous types of gadgets are being evolved. Here in this article, we are going to discuss a few such essentials that can really support us to manage your life in an easier way.

  1. Raven Dash Cam

Raven is an astonishing connected car system with all the smartest tech included to that makes it the best dash camera. It can allow keeping multiple eyes on your vehicle. You can also record time-lapse videos from your car with the raven dashcam. It also comes with an excellent navigation system.


The processor of the dashboard camera can give you weather information also. There is a feature of connecting the camera with your phone with the help of the internet. You can check out Raven for dash cam for having a wonderful dashboard camera experience.

  1. Wireless stick

It is a gadget looking alike of the pen drives. But the only difference is that this gadget can work through wireless connectivity. As we all know we have to connect the pen drive to a device and it takes a lot of time to transfer.

Another problem is that you cannot share files with more than one device at a time. But using the wireless sticks you can access the files through multiple devices altogether. It will save you a lot of time. The device must be kept in the vicinity of the stick so that it can work properly.

  1. Upright go

It is a smart service that helps you to get a good sitting posture. It is a small device connected with your smartphone with an application so that you can check out your sitting style from the device.

Sitting on a chair for a long stretch is vulnerable for your backbone, so it is needed to give your back a little rest. Upright go will assist you in this aspect. It generates little vibrations whenever you droop or slouch. This practice can take care of your back perfectly.

  1. Smart marker

After every important meeting, you have to share or store the reports correctly. For this purpose, you have to take photos or create diagrams on your machine. But this much load of your task can be decreased by utilizing smart marker. You have to insert any normal marker in the sleeve of the gadget then you can draw or write whatever you want to share.

It will be saved in a file which can be accessed from any electronic devices like tablets, smartphones or computers. The main advantage of the smart marketer is that you can write on any medium as per our choice. It is an absolutely ultimate device to reduce the gaps present in distant office communication.

  1. LED light-grown garden

This essential can perfectly depict that science has made the impossible possible. It is an indoor garden that can emerge white light which is just like the sunlight so that your trees can grow in your room without sunlight.

It provides daily 8 hours of light and also there is a reservoir that holds the water to be applied to the tree. It is complete care to the indoor plants you have. This gadget is of small size can be fitted in the kitchen and bedrooms.

  1. Smart and digital pet bowl

It is a pet bowl digitized with the technology of measuring the calorie imparted in the pet food. You can allocate the food according to the requirement of your dog based on the breed and age. The bowl is removable from the system so that you can wash it.

Also, the bowl is ensured to be bacteria-free. A mobile app is available to check the status of the pet bowl food from the vicinity of your device. There is a measurement converter to give you the ease of converting the food quantification.

  1. Shower head Bluetooth speaker

If you are a passionate bathroom singer then this is the ultimate tool for you. It can be fitted along with the shower head and you can sing to your heart’s content. The speaker can play the songs from your device. It will be directly connected to your smartphone. Bluetooth speakers are useful to have wireless connectivity with the sound system of your device.

But shower head speakers are totally waterproof which diminished the risk of damage from water. You can manage your phone calls while taking a bath with shower head Bluetooth speakers. It is also detachable so that you can use the speaker elsewhere.

These are the 7 fantastic smart technologies that can lift your lifestyle as well as can handle your daily life better.