Things a woman should never do during pregnancy


Becoming pregnant will force you to change your daily habits to a certain degree. Although the changes aren’t severe and you can go on with your life as you previously did, there are some things that don’t go well with pregnancy. From food to medication and even some relaxation habits you previously had, you may see yourself forced to ditch. We have some of these, so you can have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Some foods are prohibited during pregnancy


Because what you eat can influence the health and development of your pregnancy, you should make sure that everything that feeds your body is safe and healthy. To make sure you don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risks, avoid the foods below.

  • Shellfish and raw meat. Under-cooked meat is a potential danger during pregnancy because heat is the only way to kill bacteria like toxoplasmosis and salmonella. Undercooked meat is not treated enough to kill these, putting your pregnancy into danger. The same point is valid for shellfish, too.
  • Smoked seafood. Smoked seafood may be contaminated with listeria, so you want to avoid eating nova style salmon, kippered fish or other smoked seafood.
  • Soft cheese. Stay away from soft cheeses because they can, too, be infected with listeria. Feta, Gorgonzola, Brie, Camembert, Mexican cheeses should all be avoided. In fact, all unpasteurized dairy should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Raw eggs. You shouldn’t eat raw eggs while pregnant, and you should also stay away from everything prepared with raw eggs, including mayonnaise. Again, this poses high salmonella infestation changes.
  • Deli. In deli meat’s case, you are susceptible to listeria infestation. Listeria is so dangerous because it can reach your baby through the placenta, and damage their development.

Drugs, alcohol


This should be an obvious one, but some women aren’t fully aware of the dangers of those habits during pregnancy. However, dropping any of the habits above, too hastily, can be just as stressful for you and the baby. Professionals recommend seeking specialized help, in dedicated centers. According to there are certain heroin treatment solutions that don’t involve damaging medication for the baby. However, ditching addiction during pregnancy should always be done under the strict supervision of a professional. Also, you should be extra careful with all the medication you take during pregnancy. Before taking any over-the-counter medication, discuss with your doctor.

Avoid wearing high heels

Pregnant women should avoid wearing high heels, especially stilettos. This recommendation comes because your growing belly might make you too unstable for heels. Obviously, your gravity center changes during pregnancy and you want to avoid falling accidents. Besides, wearing high heels can cause swollen feet and ankles, making you uncomfortable throughout the day.

Avoid taking hot baths


Taking hot baths, or spending time in other hot circumstances has been previously linked to certain birth defects. Switch to warm showers and baths, stay away from the sauna or hot tub. This might seem like a great idea to ease your pregnancy pains, but it’s less than good for your baby.