5 Things You Need To Know Right Now To Get More Spotify Plays

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Music artists have been at the top of the industry for quite a while now. Be it the playback singers, composers, or even the music directors.  The field has gained popularity and now with so many singing competitions telecasted on the television, young budding singers have found a way to express themselves.

But even when it comes to some of the online platforms, and the opportunities which they provide, Spotify, SoundCloud, and some other applications are providing a lot of unique and exciting features? You might wonder, what is the utility of those features which you can buy or just get for free.  But there’s a lot you can do with them!

Spotify, A great resource

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Spotify is seriously a great resource and when you will look at some of its stats, I bet you will be left in awe! It has over 150 million users, and even when it comes to SoundCloud, Apple Music and Prime Music, it leaves everyone behind in terms of paid subscribers!

There’s a straight gap of 30 million paid subscribers between its closest competitor Apple Music and Spotify itself!

And more than that reports also reveal that Spotify has got a huge fan base over Facebook and Instagram. And in recent years, there has been a huge increase in the same. Now you might have started wondering that how can you excel or how do these stats affect your growth?

Well as it turns out, these can affect your growth and that too in a positive way! Spotify is sitting at the apex position of the global streaming market. And as a music artist, you can head over to it and create your profile for sharing your music with the users!

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When we are talking like this, you might think that it’s very easy to do so. Well in reality, as it turns out, it is that easy! But when you head over to this giant music streaming platform, then there are some factors which you will have to consider, in moving to the top of your genre!

Let’s have a look at them.

How can you get more Spotify plays?

For getting more Spotify plays, you will have to keep in mind, a few things.

– Starting, it will be important to choose a genre that doesn’t fall short of support from the fans and music lovers! Whenever and however you excel, there should be a lot of support from the public. And therefore go with a category, which has a lot of scopes. Then there will be a great chance of you topping its charts.

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– Don’t forget to promote your tracks and your Spotify profile over social media platforms. As discussed above, Spotify has got a lot of fans over Facebook and Instagram. And you can certainly take advantage of that community – you can score many more plays by driving traffic from there! After sharing your tracks, all those millions of community members will be directed towards your Spotify profile. According to Playswiz, buying some native promotion for your songs on these platforms means you buy Spotify plays from real people of your target audience and make your tunes and name more visible overall. It’s well worth doing so.

– You can create a website too, for your songs and work. It can also be like a blog, where users will find all your songs or podcasts which you would have uploaded till the date and would be able to buy your music from. You can make your website creative and compelling so that the viewers don’t leave without listening to your songs! Even that will direct the traffic over to your Spotify page and you will end up having a lot of plays! Don’t forget to buy plays on your songs as an extra promotion to put them into a better light. Your song would more likely get played If they show they were already played a thousand times.

– It will also be important that you are open to changes. If music lovers look forward to some new style or song, then you must fulfill their desire, as they will appreciate it in the long run. Lookup for new trends, research and apply it to your songs.

Link your Spotify profile everywhere, so that whenever your profile is viewed, the viewer doesn’t go empty-handed, but with a positive impression of you and your work!


These are some of the important things that you can consider, while you are getting things right on your Spotify profile. And remember to keep your articles inside a single playlist that goes by your name. It will help others in finding your songs at a single place! This overview would help you a lot to get more plays on your music. In case it doesn’t work much, don’t hesitate and buy Spotify plays on the songs your account owns – it would help much to score a higher level. Good luck and lots of success in marketing your music on Spotify!