4 Things all Players Hate About WoW Shadowlands


The World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the latest edition of the World of Warcraft game. The original version was released a few years back. This series takes the players to a world they may have never thought of visiting: the afterlife. There are several modifications in the new release, and several things are different from the previous edition.

The maximum level of character evolution is squished down to 60. Also, there are several other modifications for a player to level up. The new version also encompasses an infinite progression system that enables other players to play along. Some progressions include Covenants that help in providing several robust capabilities to many gamers.

Also, this new version features a dungeon that has a rogue look and whose design changes every time a player enters in it. If you are playing the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, then you must have a look at the Wowcarry store. They have some great deals for the players to obtain maximum benefits while playing the game.

Also, several other features emerge as players move ahead in the game. However, this edition does not sit well with all games. There are a few things about World of Warcraft that players hate. Today, in our article, we are going to discuss them so that you know what the things in Wow: Shadowlands that disappoint the gamers are.

Things that Players Hated About the Expansion of World of Warcraft


One cannot deny the fact that the new release of World of Warcraft has several latest features that make the game exciting. However, some things left the gamers disheartened. Some things worked for them while some didn’t. Let us know what all they hated in this version.

1. The Azerite System


The very popular borrowed powder is still loved by the players. This system helps to improve the characters in the Battle for Azeroth. The players are furnished with a very exciting gift, the Heart of Azeroth by the Magni Bronzebeard and the world soul. The gift is a mythical necklace that equips the capability of unlocking Azerite traits on a very few Azerite gears.

Such traits are proven to enhance the boons that are specific to classes and do not prove to be fruitful for everyone. Essences are utilized in the necklaces that are pairable with other necklaces, and when you do so, they are granted with unique abilities and enhancements.

Some traits of the equipment are generated randomly, while others are default. If the players want to get the maximum of their specs and class, some fees are to be paid to allow resetting the traits. All in all, this feature was not welcomed by gamers.

2. The Corruption System


This system is quite complex for the players and does not work as expected. Apart from the Azerite gear, players also can earn gear with the help of N’Zoth’s corruption system. It is believed that the performance is better with a high corruption percentage of the players.

There is an offset associated with it, which says that enhanced corruption is equal to negative traits. A few of which include the sharp slow and damaging eye of the N’Zoth. The major problem is RNG. Gears are earned by the players consistently with negative benefits more than the positive ones. It leaves several players with no obvious way to enhance their characters.

3. Warfronts


When it was initially declared at Blizzcon, the notion of Warfronts was believed to be very exciting for the players. It was for the first time that the players were to witness the war sequences of an action-packed game in a PVE setting.

However, the developers failed to do justice to the people’s expectations. The concept and also the gaming experience were quite boring. The assaults of warfronts cycle periodically altered the fractions that attack and the ones that defend.

If a fraction is taking control of the warfront, then you will find the other one collecting resources throughout the week. The difficulty which prevails is that the warfront can’t fail. For the time being, the player base is only beneficial for collecting unusual mounts in the warfront zones.

4. Island Expeditions


Just like the warfronts, island expeditions are also believed to bring in extra PVE content for the players to pick their selection from and stay occupied. The expeditions contain strategies of three-players with an aim to obtain Azerite on an uncharted island. In addition, a group from the opposition fraction is also believed to come to the island, which also competes for Azerite.

One group reaches maximum wins. The major problem is that battles are boring. The islands are just plainly replenished with foes on all sides, and there is no genuine story to tell. The drop rate is even comparatively much less, and it leaves some players wondering what the point behind it is.

If the players want to take a look at the entire island and explore it completely, they are not able to. It is due to the rapid pace quality of the situation. Suppose one fraction slows down, the other wins. The players are now believed to do bare minimum before they get away from them.

Many people dislike the new version of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. It is known to be one of the worst expansions. It has numerous shortcomings that decrease user experience. One of the major problems faced in this version is that it is filled with numerous bugs. Also, the new gameplay fails to attract the interest of the gamers.

Final Verdict

This version has various scopes of improvements. The developers should start with fixing the bugs and stop the game from crashing time and again. Although the game has received more praises than it deserved, it doesn’t mean that the players enjoyed playing it. The gameplay failed to offer anything new and was quite boring. The World of Warcraft failed to stir the game market and lure the gamers.