7 Things You Definitely Don’t Want To Do at a Bachelorette Party: A Guide To Having a Good Time


Ah, bachelorette parties. Most people nestle themselves in their minds with the idea of a night full of wild fun, complete with sashes and tiaras. But unfortunately, there are some lines that don’t get crossed at these events. Want to know what NOT to do at a bachelorette party? Read on!

Don’t do drugs


No matter how much fun you think it might be, doing drugs at a bachelorette party is a bad idea for many reasons. First of all, it is illegal and the consequences can be serious not only for those who are willing to try the drug but also for those present in a social setting where it occurs. In addition, even if you only plan to use the drugs once, there is no guarantee that your judgment won’t be impaired, leading you to potentially dangerous behaviors engaging in risky sexual activities.

Even if everyone agrees that using drugs is OK at the bachelorette party, there could be legal ramifications due to possession and/or distribution of a controlled substance. It’s simply not worth the risk of being responsible for someone else getting hurt or put in danger due to participation in illegal activities. Put your safety – and that of others – first and just say no!

Don’t wear anything too revealing

Bearing too much skin and wearing clothing that is overly revealing or ostentatious may draw the wrong kind of attention and make the bride or other guests uncomfortable. Above all else, respect yourself and the people around you by keeping your clothing tasteful and appropriate.

For example, avoid excessively tight clothing that reveals too much of your shape, extremely low necklines, skirts and shorts that are too short for public situations, sheer fabrics with little to no coverage, offensive sayings or symbols on t-shirts/tank tops, tops with strategic cutouts meant for seductive purposes. Additionally, if the bride has specified a dress code for her party (such as formal wear or just “something cute”), it’s best to comply so you don’t stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Don’t tell embarrassing stories about the bride-to-be


It’s natural to have “remember when” moments while celebrating with friends, but embarrassing the bride-to-be is a definite don’t. If embarrassing stories do come up during the course of conversation, make sure to steer it in a positive direction so that all guests feel welcome, comfortable, and respected – this is essential for creating a safe atmosphere and eliminating any potential embarrassment for the bride-to-be.

Encourage everyone in attendance to treat and respect one another and keep any conversations appropriate for the mixed company – be mindful of potentially awkward topics or stories about past loves or hookups that could leave someone feeling uncomfortable or offended.

Don’t drink and drive


It is important to remember that moderation and caution can help keep the night fun and enjoyable rather than chaotic and dangerous. After all, the person of honor deserves her last night out as a single woman — not a complete disaster.

One thing you definitely don’t want to do is drink and drive. Not only is it illegal, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. If you’re caught drinking and driving, you could end up in jail or worse. So, be smart and don’t drink and drive at bachelor and bachelorette party. Instead, renting a limo could be a better choice.

Don’t post embarrassing pictures on social media


It’s tempting to take candid photos and share them with the world, but try to remember that embarrassing moments can have consequences that last a lifetime. When you’re out having fun with your friends, feel free to take all the photos you like–just don’t post them or text them around.

No one likes feeling like they are being judged and posting photos of someone without their permission can lead to hurt feelings and resentment. The bride-to-be may feel like an afterthought if her closest friends are not respecting her wishes in this regard and can also be made uncomfortable if there are unflattering images in the circulation of her.

Don’t talk about the bride-to-be’s exes

One of the cardinal rules of attending a bachelorette party is to never bring up the bride-to-be’s past relationships. Reminiscing about former flames and bad breakups is not something that should be done, no matter how close you are to the bride. No one likes hearing stories about their exes and it can put a dampener on the festivities.

Instead, focus your conversation on good aspects of her future marriage, like honeymoon planning or decorating ideas for their new home or shared hobbies they’re looking forward to enjoying together. Remember, this night is about celebrating the beautiful union between two people who love each other very much, so discuss that instead!

Don’t be rude or disrespectful to other guests


This is an important rule for attending any wedding or bachelorette event. Respect all other guests in attendance and refrain from rude comments. Don’t use offensive language, don’t make insulting jokes, and don’t criticize what other people are wearing or how they act. This can be a fun night out, but it should still follow basic common courtesy rules.

Further, you should not gossip about any of the other guests or discuss their relationships or personal lives in a disrespectful manner. You would never want someone to do that to you, so ask yourself if you would be comfortable with the same comments being directed at you before starting to gossip about someone else. Respect each individual’s right to privacy and respect their decisions, even if you don’t agree with them.


Bachelorette parties are a fun way for the bride to celebrate her upcoming nuptials and it’s important that everyone involved, from the bridesmaids to the guests, have a good time. The bride needs to be comfortable throughout the night, so avoiding certain activities should be a priority. Good judgment and common sense are essential for having an enjoyable time and ensuring a safe, fun celebration. Be sure to keep all of these don’ts in mind while enjoying your bachelorette party!