Things You Need to Know When Renting a Boat

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The summer is getting closer and you need to welcome it prepared. For the people who are addicted to spending time around close to water, they need to make arrangements to make the most of their time outside. And if you want to spend some quality time at the lake or fishing in the river, you might have to rent a boat. If this is something you have never done before, don’t worry, because it is as simple as it can get.

According to SOutdoors, The first thing you should have in mind is the Rental Boat Licenses and Regulations. Note that boat rental operators and charter captains are required to have a valid boat license, and each state in the US and other countries have different age and license requirements for all boaters. The boaters who have permission, have between four to eleven customers on board of a boat. One regulation that is a must almost anywhere in the world is the Safety Education Identification Card if you wish to be on the water. This is a safety measure that requires a skilled person on board.

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Choosing a suitable Boat Rental Company is next on our list of suggestions. When you have selected the place where you wish to be on the water, you need to do the “research of the boat rentals” in the region. If you ever find yourself in Panama, make sure you have already researched because you will need a boat there. You should focus your search on the reviews given by previous customers, ratings of rental operators, and prices for half day and full day rentals. The type and size of the boat are going to have a significant influence on the final cost.

Read your Rental Agreement carefully and with attention to details. Rental Agreements vary from one to another, but they basically specify when you board on the boat, how far you can travel, and when you are expected to arrive back (nightfall is usual). Rental companies take care of normal wear and tear, but other damages will be charged to your side. Take good care of the weather-dictated cancellations if you don’t want to pay for a service that you didn’t use at all.

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Insurance is another aspect to check. Rental companies liability coverage is outlined in your boat rental agreement, but you often agree to accept all responsibility including damage to the boat and motor no matter what the real cause was. We suggest professional help from your insurance agent to explain what your policy covers under the rental agreement you might sign.

Before making a decision on the boat to rent you must do a detailed vessel check. You are close to taking the keys and getting started with the time you carefully planned, but maintaining a boat is expensive, and you need to accept that fact.  Look for damage to the motor or propeller, possible scratches, and dents on the hull, windshield cracks, seat stains, and take photos on your phone before you take the keys and start the engine. Necessary safety equipment is something you cannot sail without.