Things You Should Know When Buying Car Tires


If we are to be the honest, car is probably the most effective way to go from point A to point B unless you end up in a traffic jam. And people love driving cars just for the sake of it. Still, a car is a complex vehicle and depends on numerous parts in order to run successfully. One of the most important car parts have to be wheels and within wheels tires. Tires are the things that keep you on the road and if one deflates you need to get the problem solved asap. And let’s not forget that different type of tires are needed depending on the given season – winter requires more durable tires and ones that will be able to withstand snow and on the road ice.

Still, buying new tires is not that simple and there are few things you should consider when doing so. Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at the few tips that could help you make the right decision and stay trouble-free!


Tips On Buying New Car Tires

1. Well, the first step is to inspect and determine if you actually need new tires. In some cases slipping or pulling one a specific side doesn’t mean your tires need to be replaced – it can be a more complex of a problem (brake-related) or you simply need to inflate your existing tires and you are good to go. One of the most relevant ways to inspect is by checking the tread levels using a penny coin.

2. Now, even if your tires still do have enough tread they still might not be safe to use. The thing is if you didn’t drive your car around too much or it has been staying in your parent’s garage for years it can still have tread, but most of the tires get old and the material they are made of is said to last no more than 10 years.

3. You have determined that you need new tires – what now? Well, first and foremost think about what you like about the tires you have using so far and what you don’t. You want tires that are not as loud – fine get the ones that are quietly rolling. The type of tires you are buying depends on your car and what environment will you be driving it at. Unless you own a racing car there is no need to invest in expensive summer-tires, while on the other hand don’t think that regular tires can sustain harsh mountain terrain for more than a few performances.


4. Along with that, you should find the right size (usually the same that you used till now) and inspect the tread warranty as well. And don’t mix it with road hazard warranty – it is different and you get a cashback if the tread doesn’t sustain for the time given. You can see the detailed table of tires sizes for many car brands on

5. As of from where to buy your tires we have few recommendations. First of all, you can go and check what is offered at a local car shop like Tyre Shop Reading. They will offer a bunch of new tires that are good for any conditions given and you are likely to find the ones you need. On the other hand, a car dealership is always a safe option but it is somewhat more expensive, and your third online shopping should always be there in case you are not satisfied with what retail shops had to offer.

6. Last but not least you will want to get them installed at the same shop you bought them (if they offer such) and make sure your car is properly aligned. And don’t forget once you have bought them to be sure to maintain your new babies and don’t use them on the rough terrains unless suited.



Buying new cars doesn’t have to be a heavy burden and it can be a quick process if you know what you need. By following the above-mentioned tips you will not miss out on anything and get the best-suited tires that will last you a long time!